12 February 2016

Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

And the "Great Cardinal", indeed, as this wonderful post calls him. Privileged as we in Saint Louis have been to have been his subjects, and to get to know his kind, steadfast and charitable character, I do not tire of highlighting His Eminence's work for the faith.

The Q&A posted at the link above is very enlightening.  It should be read very carefully.  Cardinal Burke speaks very carefully, and the things he says, how he says them, and what is unsaid, are all equally important.

Posting This under "The Fatima File, Vol. 2,791"

The meeting is historic.  It is possibly but not necessarily very good news. But it is relevant as all get out, careening towards 2017.  Here is one Russian Times writer's take of the upcoming meeting between the Pope and the schismatic Patriarch of Moscow.  It is her own; I don't necessarily adopt it.  But I found it quite interesting. Clearly, what passes for religious concern by press or government about Christians in the Middle East is coming these days from Moscow. It doesn't have to, and shouldn't, be that way.

I, too, pray it leads to a real peace, and avoidance of World War III.  

Remember that this will only be achieved by the Holy Father obeying our Blessed Lady's admonition at Fatima. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

If You Know Me-- AT ALL-- You Will Readily Comprehend Why I Am Physically Incapable of NOT Posting This

A good opinion piece, by way of praising with faint damnation, by Gavin McInnes.  You'll have to figure out why I posted it on your own.

Future Letter From a Socialist to President Trump

by Gavin McInnes 

It’s 2019 and the fact that you and Vice President Cruz have decided to run for a second term deeply disturbs those of us who still care about this country. Like many true patriots, my wife and I voted for Sanders in 2016 and considered moving to France when you and that creepy Canadian won. We stayed and we regret it.

In just under four years, you have irrevocably changed this country for the worse. You said you would be hard on immigration and you lied. You let more people in from Western Europe, Canada, and Australia than any other president. While opening the floodgates to the Aryan barbarians, you shut the doors on those who really needed to be here—most notably, Mexicans and refugees. This lead to the death of thousands of Syrians in their home country, not to mention the slaughter of possibly millions of people all over Africa and the Middle East. Angela Merkel picked up the slack and it appears to have driven Germany into a civil war. When asked to atone for these sins you asked the chancellor, 
“What’s the German word for brassiere?” and added, "DasShouldStopEmFromFloppin.” This is likely the most ridiculous thing said by any president in history. My wife and I are very well educated, by the way, and we are both familiar with many European words. The German word for brassiere is likely something remarkably similar as English has its roots in German.

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11 February 2016

I Guess It's a Call to Reflection...

...if only I knew who Dave Armstrong is. 

I checked it out to save you time.  He apparently writes for Patheos, and has recently written a typical article on how trads are mean, especially to Catholics who would never act meanly to trads, part 3,297. I tried to engage in "dialogue" with him, but I've been blocked.  No problem, it's his site-- but pardon my rueful chuckle at the juxtaposition of the ban with the subject matter of his article.

And the thing that makes me wonder is that I've never before commented on an article by him, so why am I blocked?  Funny. I hope that Patheos hasn't banned commenters across all their contributors' blogs, merely for the crime of trying to question Mark Shea about, well, anything-- or perhaps for failing to swoon before the collected wisdom of Simcha and Scalia.

No problem, I guess, though I'll miss the opportunity to accompany Patheos on our common journey. And I won't be seeing earliest advertisements for their books I'm supposed to buy.  Oh, well.
A blessed Lent to them.

The Doctor of Charity, on Death

O Jesus, from this moment I wish to employ all my powers in accepting all the circumstances and pains of my death; from this moment I desire to accept death in the place, hour, and manner in which it may please You to send it. I know very well that I must suffer and be ground by the teeth of tribulations, sorrows, privations, desolations, and sufferings in order to become bread worthy to serve at Your celestial banquet, O Christ, on the day of the general resurrection. I well know that if the grain of wheat does not fall into the ground and die, it brings forth no fruit; therefore, with all my heart, I accept the annihilation of death in order to become a new man, no longer mortal and corruptible, but immortal and glorious.

--St. Francis de Sales

10 February 2016

New Hampshire and the Populist Wave

Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com has an insightful piece on the results out of New Hampshire.

An Interesting Remark from Pope Francis to Begin Lent: Did the Pope Just Revive Teaching against Usury?

Rome Reports has a story on the Pope's remarks to begin Lent. The style and substance of these remarks is consistent with His Holiness' past statements, but I noticed one little wrinkle that I hope gets amplified by the press:


"And often, in desperation, many men end in suicide because they fail and don't have hope. They don't find a helping hand but a hand that asks them to pay interest. The biblical message is clear: open up courageously and share. This is mercy. And if we want God to be merciful to us it must come from us first.”

Usury is typically defined these days as the charging of excessive interest on loans. But it wasn't always seen that way by the Church. She forbade lending at any interest. The Mohammedans still adhere to this principle, which in effect causes profit without work. A most appropriate reflection on Ash Wednesday, recalling the expulsion from Eden and the curse to man of having to work by the sweat of his brow to gain the fruits of the earth.

Pope Francis didn't say the desperate man received a hand that asks for "excessive or heavy" interest. He said a hand that asks for "interest". The giving he is asking for is precisely that giving in charity and love on the part of Christians, and not a system of institutionalized redistribution founded on the lending of money at interest.

Whether or not His Holiness even realizes it, this giving courageously-- without interest-- is the system of a Catholic society, the kind the Henry VIIIs of the world seek to replace with the state usurping the Role of Church and charities.

Isn't that that society we want to have?

I wonder how bankers feel about interest-bass lending being criticized by the pope?

Ash Wednesday

A blessed and spiritually profitable Quadragesima to you all.

09 February 2016

Revolution and Counterrevolution in France

Sorry, but I can sympathize with a political movement that invokes St. Joan of Arc and irritates ISIS.

Shrive Yourself to Confession

Then you'll be shriven.

Be careful out there with the snow.  Don't drink and shrive.

Remember that movie where Jessica Tandy confessed all her problems to Morgan Freeman?  You know, Shriving Miss Daisy

Sorry.  Pre-Lenten dementia.

It's Shrove Tuesday.  IHOP day, or, Original Pancake House day, if you're loaded.

Get 'er going.