13 January 2017

Is It 2017 Already?

Now Vatican computer systems are hacked.

Maybe consecrate Russia already, Holy Father? Or just wait until this information is leaked. Shouldn't be explosive, as we know all is tip-top at the Vatican.

11 January 2017

Ohhhh Baby!

Salt + Smoke opening St. Louis Hills location.

Best brisket in the universe.

Archbishop Carlson Opposes Proposed Pro-Abortion, Anti-Free Speech City Ordinance

Good for His Grace on this one.

One St. Louis Alderman, Megan-Ellyia Green, has cooked up a particularly hare-brained scheme to prevent any employer or landlord from disagreeing with someone's "reproductive health decisions" by adding "reproductive health decisions" to the city's anti-discrimination ordinance.

The referenced euphemistic phrase includes decisions to open or run an abortuary, kill one's own baby, support the killing of millions of babies, or using or supporting the use of contraception. So, if you don't want Planned Parenthood to open a new abortuary in your rental property, prepare to be subject to investigation, fine and arrest. Prepare to be sued. Your employees demand abortion or contraception coverage in your insurance plan? Better give it to them or be fined. Heck, the law is worded so badly that if you try to talk an employee out of a pro-abortion political position and make him feel bad, you could be guilty of discrimination.

Why in the world would this Alderman want to enact such a bill? What problems exist now? Well, read her own words:

She said she had no example of such discrimination in St. Louis, but added, “With a (Donald) Trump presidency and a Republican supermajority in Jefferson City, attacks on women’s rights are real.”

There you have it folks. That is the logic we face in the battle for civilization.

The full statement of Archbishop Carlson:

The Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Louis is considering an ordinance (Board Bill 203) that attacks the most deeply held moral and religious convictions of the people of this great city. This proposed ordinance seeks to make St. Louis a sanctuary city for abortion, an act that kills innocent unborn children. This is not what our city should stand for; rather, St. Louis should be a sanctuary for life and compassion, especially compassion for mothers and their developing children.

Board Bill 203 is vague and ambiguous but could have terrible consequences for religious institutions. For example, a Catholic school or Catholic Charities agency could be fined by the City of St. Louis for not employing persons who publicly promote practices such as abortion. In addition, our Catholic institutions could be fined for not including coverage for abortion in their insurance plans.

Board Bill 203 could also allow the City of St. Louis to fine landlords and others who do not want to rent to or be associated with the abortion industry. This proposed ordinance, therefore, would force the people of St. Louis to be complicit in the profound evil of abortion. This would be a flagrant violation of religious liberty and individual rights of conscience.

I urge the citizens of St. Louis to oppose Board Bill 203. Protection and care for human life at all stages of development from conception until natural death is a fundamental moral value shared by Catholics as well as many other people of faith. City ordinances should respect all people, including women facing unplanned pregnancies, unborn children, and people who desire to live their lives in accordance with their religious convictions.

As the shepherd of the faithful Catholics of this region, let me be clear that the Archdiocese of St. Louis cannot and will not comply with any ordinance like Board Bill 203 that attempts to force the Church and others to become unwilling participants in the abortion business. There is no room for compromise on such a matter. This is a matter of fundamental religious and moral beliefs.

Rather than aiding and abetting the abortion industry, the archdiocese, through its various ministries and programs, will continue to extend both spiritual and material assistance to all those in need, especially the poor and those women facing crisis pregnancies who feel they have no one else to turn to for help—both during their pregnancies as well as after their child is born.

I urge the St. Louis Board of Aldermen to defeat Board Bill 203.  I appeal to the humanity and the love of all freedom-loving citizens of St. Louis to make their voices heard in defense of human life.

10 January 2017

Dear Cardinal Burke...

Your Eminence,

With respect, I think I can say that this little blog, from its inception ten years ago, and whatever its reach may be, has been an enthusiastic supporter of your ministry.  It has supported you in your reign in St. Louis, in your time in Rome, and will ever be eager to do so. 

I have known you for more than a decade, and your Catholic heart has always impressed me as that of a true shepherd. When some in the Catholic internet doubted whether you were going to defend the faith against the policies, winks, intentional confustion and secret encouragements of the Vatican apparatus, this blog defended you. Why? Because I know you have never shown yourself to shrink from your duty just because you may be unpopular or make enemies of those who would subjugate or compromise the faith. I had confidence that things were happening that we could not see. And as we now know, things indeed have been moving that we could not see.

Prudence and charity can often dictate a path that we internet-Peters-with-swords-in-hand would not immediately take.

In short, I had confidence in you, and I have confidence in you.

Therefore, please accept this little post--should you ever have occasion to read it-- as a humble plea from a Catholic who gives you credit for a better plan than I might devise. 

That being said, I really pray the dubia standoff is not allowed to fester too long. The board is set. We know the truth. The pope must either own it or declare himself a heretic. If he will not answer the dubia directly and manfully, then after he is informed of the errors by Your Eminence and/or others of the hierarchy, then he must be informed that the Church has declared him to be such a heretic. After typing that paragraph, I am hit with just how serious, and seriously bizarre, that is. But reality is reality.

Souls are at stake. This of course you know. The Church needs a Catholic pope. Schism and persecution are better than a Church that betrays her Spouse. We pray that the correction come not at all, but if it need come, may it come very soon. This tension is becoming unbearable.

As an aside, the Octave of the Epiphany will end this week...

With assurance of my prayers (and undoubtedly the prayers of millions more), 
In Christ,

Saint Louis Catholic

A Thought for Christmastide

There was another custom, which originated in the Ages of Faith, and which is still observed in many countries. In honour of the Three Kings, who came from the East to adore the Babe of Bethlehem, each family chose one of its members to be King. The choice was thus made. The family kept a feast, which was an allusion to the third of the Epiphany-Mysteries - the Feast of Cana in Galilee - a Cake was served up, and he who took the piece which had a certain secret mark, was proclaimed the King of the day. Two portions of the cake were reserved for the poor, in whom honour was thus paid to the Infant Jesus and his Blessed Mother; for, on this Day of the triumph of Him, who, though King, was humble and poor, it was fitting that the poor should have a share in the general joy. The happiness of home was here, as in so many other instances, blended with the sacredness of Religion. This custom of King’s Feast brought relations and friends together, and encouraged feelings of kindness and charity. Human weakness would sometimes, perhaps, show itself during these hours of holiday-making; but the idea and sentiment and spirit of the whole feast was profoundly Catholic, and that was sufficient guarantee to innocence.

King’s Feast is still a Christmas joy in thousands of families; and happy those where it is kept in the Christian spirit which first originated it! For the last three hundred years, a puritanical zeal has decried these simple customs, wherein the seriousness of religion and the home enjoyments of certain Festivals were blended together. The traditions of Christian family rejoicings have been blamed under pretexts of abuse; as though a recreation, in which religion had no share and no influence, were less open to intemperance and sin. Others have pretended, (though with little or no foundation,) that the Twelfth Cake and the custom of choosing a King, are mere imitations of the ancient pagan Saturnalia. Granting this to be correct, (which it is not,) we would answer, that many of the old pagan customs have undergone a Christian transformation, and no one thinks of refusing to accept them thus purified. All this mistaken zeal has produced the sad effect of divorcing the Church from family life and customs, of excluding every religious manifestation from our traditions, and of bringing about what is so pompously called, (though the word is expressive enough,) the secularisation of society.

--from a discussion on the customs of Epiphany in The Liturgical Year, by Dom Prosper Gueranger

08 January 2017

Feast of the Holy Family

Blessings to all of your families on this great feast day-- and to my sainted wife and her little homeschoolers, whose patrons the Holy Family are.

04 January 2017

For the Record: Assange Interview

As the nation awaits to see how far the Dear Leader will go in starting World War III before January 20, I thought I'd post this, the full video of Sean Hannity's interview with Julian Assange published January 3.

03 January 2017

January 14: Pontifical Low Mass of Cardinal Burke at St. Mary of Victories

Good news on many levels, courtesy of Juventutem Saint Louis. On Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 10 a.m., Raymond Cardinal Burke will celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Mary of Victories in St. Louis.

There are all kinds of reasons to go to this event, but might I suggest that it would be fitting to show our gratitude to Our Lord for Cardinal Burke, and also to show our support for one of the few Bishops standing up for the truths of the faith in the face of hostile opposition at the highest levels? Moreover, any advancement of the Traditional Mass is most welcome.

After Mass, there will be a reception with Cardinal Burke in the church hall.

Mark your calendars. Go to Mass!