15 February 2007

Here goes nothing?

If you are just finding this site and wondering yet again what motivates a person to think their thoughts are so worthwhile they just had to start a blog, you can blame Wolftracker over at Kansas City Catholic.

Because this blog is being created on a suggestion from him, I have done him the honor (dubious or not) of giving it the regional counterpart name to his.

I will do my best to post content worth reading. Check back soon.


wolftracker said...

Wolftracker is VERY HAPPY to see this, as will many area Catholics in weeks and months to come.

thetimman said...

Wolftracker may be happy now, but I wouldn't want to vouch for the weeks and months to come!

lar said...

interesting to find your blog through a link at KCcatholic. Looks like you're just getting started, as I am with my own. Take a moment to check it out and, if you like, add a reciprical link. I've already linked yours up from my page.


Boomer Catholic said...

Well, this "midwest granny" likes you both -- STLC and MWD -- and it looks like we've all started up at about the same time. Howdy, neighbor. You're welcome to stop by anytime.