26 February 2007

Words Cannot Express...

... the outrage I feel when I think about the horrible ordeal this poor girl, Melissa Busekros, and her family are going through.

From WorldNetDaily: German authorities who sent 15 uniformed police officers to take custody of a 15-year-old girl who committed the crime of being homeschooled now have suggested a solution that, in their minds, would "resolve" the situation: the parents should give up custody of their other five children.

In Germany, homeschooling is illegal-- this is a law first enacted by Adolf Hitler, but still in force. Apparently, Melissa was in school and began to fall behind in Math and Latin. So her parents began to give her private tutoring. The school officials said they couldn't do this and expelled her. Therefore, the parents began to educate her at home.
Since that time the police have taken her away and she is in a secret location with very limited contact with her parents. Her parents do not know where she is. Now, the government is threatening their other children.

If you don't think this could happen in this country, think again. If the U.S. Senate ever ratifies the so-called UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, then homeschoolers will face UN oversight of their activities, including interrogation by UN officials to ensure that the child "really wants" to be homeschooled.

Pray for this family and others like them in Germany; pray for us all.

A final note, and I make no money from this. If you homeschool, you should check out the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). For a small annual membership, they will cover all costs of any litigation brought against you for educational neglect or truancy charges, etc. They also help to solve practical problems with state authorities before they become larger issues. They are not Catholic, but Christian, and your religious affiliation doesn't matter. Their website: http://www.hslda.org/.


Patrick Kinsale said...

Wow. Require a kid to be in school, then expel her. Thanks for this.

Augusta said...

I'm absolutely shocked that this is happening! I'll be keeping that girl and her family in my prayers...Unbelievable!