26 April 2007


on radio, on television, and in conversation today, regarding the Archbishop's actions:

"What about separation of Church and State?"

"That Nazi wants to run everyone's life!"

"Questioning the motives of a cancer survivor is just mean."

"Didn't Jesus eat with prostitutes?"

"Why does the Archbishop have to impose his views on everyone else when our country has a problem with tolerance?"

"If the devil offered Jesus money to help kids with cancer, He'd take it in a minute and forgive him."

"This is why I left the Catholic Church thirty years ago."

Catholics don't care about any kids unless they're unborn."

I bet Burke would take money from Sheryl Crow for the Church in a heartbeat."

"The church has no place in a charity event that is being held for children."

People, this is what we are up against.

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Diane Michalik, Rockford IL. Diocese said...

"Forgive them Father... they know not what they do!"

Yes, the lack of regard for ALL human life is out of control in this society.

Whether it is this great evil or another moral evil, we 'solid' Catholic lay people (and priests/religious) MUST get up out of our prayer corners and get out there to fight the good fight.
Dont stop praying and fasting but take public action as well!

For this is not an option but an obligation. As our Lord prayed and fasted alone in the desert before going public and taking action by preaching the Word and performing His many public Works. So we too are to imitate Jesus and we will have to account for the 'things we have done and the things we HAVE NOT DONE' before the judgement seat of the Lord.

Money is desperately needed to support the many brave pro life and solid Catholic organizations who are on the 'front lines' of the battle. People with the means to give can and should donate their money.

But for those who don't... it is crucial in these 'especially grave times' to take some type of action. For your action doesnt need to cost money or be time consuming.

Respectfully written letters e-mailed or delivered voicing or pressuring your congressmen and corporations who contribute in some way to immoral activity is needed.

Newspaper editorials voicing your opposition and opinions on the 'evil story of the day' is effective.

Boycotting products, television shows, movies and musical entertainment of persons who promote the culture of evil or publically defy and/or bash Catholism and our beliefs hits where it hurts... right in the pocketbook.

Showing written public support for church leaders who publicly speak out against the evil in the world as did Archbishop Raymond Burke in this case, is very helpful and encouraging as would a letter of support personally addressed to him.

There IS great strength in numbers, as proven by decisions made in wake of the voices of the liberal opposition so let us ALL make an effort to band together and do whatever we can to put the brakes on the insanity!

When you write, use their own phrases against them such as...
Forcing their beliefs down our throats, their intolerance and their suppression of our rights! We have a right to life, a right to live morally, a right to not see natural and homosexual nudity and explicit profane talk in everyday magazines,movies, television, everyday commercials, billboards and other advertisements. We have a right to not have our innocent children taught that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle or that sex outside of marriage is bad or to be taught how to have 'safe sex'. We have a right not to witness homosexual expressions of 2 partners while we do our every day errands such as pumping gas or walking your dog.
Remember you and I have rights too!

Hate the sin, not the sinner!
Persevere and be steadfast in the faith!

For the Triune God IS on our side and we have All of Heaven helping us in this mission!