23 May 2007

Blessed are the Barren

Luke 23:29

Quoniam ecce venient dies in quibus dicent beatae steriles et ventres qui non genuerunt et ubera quae non lactaverunt.

For behold, the days shall come, wherein they will say: Blessed are the barren and the wombs that have not borne and the paps that have not given suck.

As has been posted elsewhere, the FDA approved the use of a new "birth control" pill which suppresses indefinitely a woman's natural cycle, so that menstruation does not occur.

There are several ways to think about this news, obvious and less-than-obvious. Of course, such a pill is a horrible moral evil and an affront to the Author of life. It is also a huge medical risk to women, and woe to the man who leads his wife or girlfriend to use this, and to the manufacturers and hawkers of such a product.

But my first thought was to recall the verse at Luke 23:29. Jesus, on the way to Calvary, meets the women of Jerusalem. They weep for Him, but He reminds them to weep for themselves. As usual for the scriptures, the meaning of the words of our Lord resonate to our own day-- God's Word is always true.

Blessed are the barren: go to the playground or to the supermarket with more than three children (hey, sometimes three will set people off). People look at you with pity, or with condescension, or with derision, or even with anger and verbal abuse.

Blessed are the barren: children-- humans-- harm the precious environment. Oooh, look out, there will be water, food, fuel shortages. We have to "do" something!

Blessed are the barren: for those who send children to traditional schools, the burden is heavy. Even at Catholic schools, there is usually no meaningful break for large families. How does $10,000 for tuition for four grade school children sound? How about two high schoolers and two grade schoolers for $25,000? If the children are at public schools, they will be indoctrinated into the humans are an evil program. Immorality as a lifestyle choice, radical environmentalism, "responsible parenthood" and the like.

Blessed are the barren: our children are being systematically slaughtered in abortuaries, in laboratories, in the womb itself. Sacrifice your children to the god of science, so their parts can help others live a more comfortable life!

Our Lord suffered torture and death on the cross for our sins. His mercy flowed, and flows from His wounds. But God will not be mocked forever. The day will come when He will set matters right.

Luke 23:30

Tunc incipient dicere montibus cadite super nos et collibus operite nos.

Then shall they begin to say to the mountains: Fall upon us. And to the hills: Cover us.

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MMajor Fan said...

I know, it's just so sad. Around 10 years ago I noticed that the majority of people around me were too young to remember when there were babies and children everywhere. They were the comfort and prize of people who often had nothing else (I grew up in a rather poor working class village.) Now, not only are people aborting children, but they don't even want to recall that they are fertile. Funny, how mystical some "new age" women want to be, calling themselves crystal wolf running sees crazy people walking, yet they don't want to preserve the true mystery of life.
*sigh* And sure, cramps aren't a thrill, but I survived with midol and a heating pad lol.