28 May 2007

Connect the Dots

Which country is the source of contaminated pet food that killed thousands of cats and dogs?: China.

Which country is the source of contaminated toothpaste, at least 36,000 units, sold to children in several countries?: China.

Which country is the source of contaminated contact lens solution, causing blindness, recalled in the U.S.?: China.

Which country has one of the most consistently deplorable human rights records in the world, including its brutal one-child, forced abortion sterilization policy, and a track record of imprisoning, torturing and killing its political opposition?: China.

Which country makes the Catholic Church illegal, forces a schismatic fake Catholic Church on those of its people who want to practice the faith, and arrests, tortures and kills faithful Cath0lic priests, bishops and laity?: China.

Which country owns the second largest amount of U.S. debt, so much that politicians worry that it limits the ability of the U.S. to respond to that country's atrocities?: China.

Which country has the ability and desire to become the next super power?: China.

But, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

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MMajor Fan said...

Which country has the greatest potential for the greatest modern day miracle of conversion?

Keep praying for them!!