24 June 2007

ICRSP Ordination Mass Now Available on DVD

Great News! The Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest has made available on DVD the majestic ordination Mass in the traditional rite. This Mass was celebrated by His Grace, Raymond L. Burke, Archbishop of St. Louis on June 15, 2007, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

From the Institute's Press Release:

"...After more than forty years, young men were again ordained through that ancient liturgy whose history can be traced to over 1,500 years. Before a congregation of 1,200, two deacons of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest received that day from the hands of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke the orders of holy priesthood.


[ICRSP seminarians and clergy] provided an exquisitely refined rendition of Gregorian chant, expertly sung in the style of the monks of Solemnes.


In the pews the congregation gathered from all parts of the country, from Arizona and California to New York and Florida-- young families with many children being particularly prominent.

The four-hour duration of the entrancingly beautiful ceremony was hardly perceived by those in attendance, transported, as they felt, into the 'timelessness of Heaven'. Videos of the ceremony can be ordered at www.institute-christ-king.org, or by calling 773-363-7409."

They are right about the four hours not being a problem. It was a stunningly beautiful Mass in all respects. And as a final incentive, the Institute has published many more images of day's events here.


Christopher said...

Great news

Looks like it will be better than my Solo Production


Athelstane said...

Hello Timman,

I recently discovered your blog, thanks to links by Shawn over at NLM. Great stuff here - I am glad you are around and making these things available. Please keep up the good work?

Do I gather that you regularly attend St. Francis de Sales?

I ask, as I just finished my MA in Theology at Ave Maria Univesity and am in St. Louis for several weeks (and then back off to CUA) and I was able to attend the last couple of Sunday high masses there - but alas had to miss the apparently fantastic ordinations at the basilica. I haven't had the chance, alas, to make any real contact with any of the regulars down there.

This is my first real experience with ICKSP/ICRSS and I have to say I have been impressed - and despite its decayed condition, they have a real jewel of a church to call home now.

Again, keep up the good work. Keep those photos coming.

thetimman said...

Thanks, Athelstane. At the risk of blowing my super secret identity, yes, you might see my family and me at Sunday high Mass.

Athelstane said...

When I was in Kansas City a few years back, I went fairly regularly to the FSSP high masses at Blessed Sacrament in KCK. They do a very good job with limited resources. As that had been nearly all of my TLM experience, they set the gold standard for me.

The rap I had heard from some in the TLM movement was that ICRSS was a little flashier but not as solid as FSSP. Well, I must say I saw both flash and solidity so far ast St. Francis. It helps that they have the subdeacons and a full roster of thurifer/crucifer/acolytes. But even so the rubrics seem pretty flawless to me. Everyone seems well trained. I *am* impressed.

Is there any sort of gathering after high mass? Maybe that's what I am missing out on.

thetimman said...

I have heard nothing but good things about the FSSP community in KCK, and the priest is a great speaker.

I think the flash/substance criticism of the Institute is way off base. They are wonderful about the rubrics and attentive to beauty in the celebration of the Mass. But the sermons, conferences, and other catechetics of the ICRSP are first rate, too.

One thing I have noticed recently is that there seems to be a few traditionalists out there who are so attached to their particular group that they tend to be critical of some of the others without much base of knowledge. I am glad there is more than one traditional order, and I would rather focus on the positives of each. Things are bad enough without petty infighting.

There is almost always a coffee and doughnut hour in the church basement after both Sunday Masses. The entrance to the basement is best reached outside the north transept.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a DVD in the works of the ordination Mass. As of today it is not ready though.

Please contact the Oratory rectory at 314.771.3100 to reserve your copy today.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a DVD in the works, of the ordination Mass. It has yet to be released.

Please contact the Oratory rectory to reserve your copy today.