25 July 2007

Canons Regular Suspending Activity in St. Louis

A reader sent me an email yesterday, which I excerpt below:

I do not know whether you also receive the newsletter of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, the small, newer religious order that offers the Extraordinary Form of the Mass out here in West St. Louis County, but the newest copy of the newsletter states that they are moving out of their home and temporarily relocating ... The students to Rome and Father Prior to California, where he will assist the Norbertines at St. Michael's Abbey in Orange County for the 2007-2008 school year.
Father Prior says they are not disbanding and will continue their ties to St. Louis and the archbishop.

Ken C. Manchester, MO

I did not want to post this story until I confirmed it, which I was able to do today. The Canons' last Mass in St. Louis for the foreseeable future will be August 5, 2007. For the next year, the members will have separate situations in different locales. The Canons hope to reconstitute themselves, and hope to do so in St. Louis, in a year or so.

They ask for our prayers.
This leaves a hole that I trust the Archbishop will fill for the availability of the traditional Mass in the Archdiocese. The implementation of Summorum Pontificum will likely result in at least one or two parishes in West County/St. Charles to fill the void.


Marc P. said...

Unfortunately, I am not surprised to hear this news.

Anonymous said...

This is sad news for them and us in the Archdiocese. But they will be well recieved wherever they go..

The traditional Mass is STILL offerend at St. Francis de Sales Oratory which seats close to 1000 persons. There are two Masses offered on Sunday so I really don't see a hole for the archbishop to fill.

I live in the county and have no problem driving 15mins to daily and Sunday Mass. As the archbishop recently stated in his weekly column St. Francis de Sales is the "center" of this apostolate.

So I really don't look for any quick changes in the county for a while. Then again, the Holy Ghost is moving...God Bless the Cannons...

thetimman said...

I certainly agree that the drive to St. Francis de Sales Oratory is no problem, and the Oratory is able to offer all of the sacraments, the Mass and a full "parish" life in a way that the Canons could not do. By all means everyone should attend de Sales.

By "hole" to fill, I am just of the opinion that the more places that offer the Mass, the more people will inevitably attend. The more who attend, the more "converted" to it. The more this happens, the more it spreads and, instead of siphoning it off of one particular place, it will cause all of the locations to grow.

And, let us not forget, it is about saving souls. Though I could never leave de Sales, due to the spiritual graces I receive in abundance there, I would like to see the TLM, celebrated well, in every parish church. So, we are in the process with the MP of taking the very first steps. Baby steps.

Zach said...

Wow, that kind of stinks for me. I was thinking of possibly discerning with them. I guess that's not going to happen now :(

Anonymous said...

Don't misunderstand, St. Francis de Sales is a wonderful refuge and a blessing to St Louis, but the departure of the CRNJ is especially sad news for those who prefer to attend the Canons' rather more participitory Masses.

thetimman said...

I don't think that to say "more participatory" Masses could be correct. What does that mean? More responses? More interior participation? I'm confused.