25 July 2007

Let's Not Forget Jefferson City and Springfield

We in Missouri are extremely blessed to have two of the most favorable dioceses in the country, St. Louis and Kansas City-St. Joseph, for the faithful implementation of Summorum Pontificum. We are grateful to Archbishop Burke and Bishop Finn for their leadership.

But there are two other dioceses in our state-- Jefferson City and Springfield. And so far there has not been much said publicly about the motu proprio or the traditional forms of the sacraments in general.

At Lumen Gentleman's motu proprio database, there is already, even at this early date, a significant group of people expressing their support for the traditional Mass located in Springfield and Jefferson City dioceses. Might this not be the beginning of the so-called "stable groups" of faithful whose rightful desires for the extraordinary use are to be readily acceded to by their pastors and bishops? And the contact database above has only just been linked to by other blogs of greater readership-- thus the numbers will assuredly grow.

There are SSPX chapels in both dioceses, in Mexico (Jefferson City Diocese) and Springfield itself. Surely these, too, indicate a desire of the faithful for the traditional Mass and sacraments?

I would like to issue a call that I hope will be supported by readers of this blog and by other Missouri Catholic bloggers' readership as well. I ask for help to promote the faithful and generous implementation of Summorum Pontificum. I ask for the help of Kansas City Catholic, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Rome of the West, Lost Lambs, Dust of the Time, Traditional Catholic Mom, and any other "local" blogs I may have unintentionally failed to mention. I ask for the help of our readers.

We need to provide resources and information about parish pastors willing to accede to requests for the Mass and other sacraments, servers willing to serve or train others, and to provide a clearinghouse to exchange information.

To begin with, we should encourage everyone we know who supports this motu proprio, especially priests, to provide their confidential contact information to the database mentioned above. If enough state bloggers are on board, we might be able to provide a more local and responsive way to share contacts and resources. And we can keep an eye on the successes or failures on an ongoing basis.

In the meantime, anyone with advice to give on how best to do any of this is encouraged to post a comment or to email me at saintlouiscatholic@hotmail.com

Saint James the Greater, pray for us.
Saint Christopher, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

From Jefferson City-

Be patient.
Things just move a little more slowly out here in the hinterland.

thetimman said...

Thanks for the post anon--

I don't consider Jefferson City to be the hinterland.

Anonymous said...

Expect some response from JC in early August.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of St. Peter's parish btw.

wolftracker said...

I'm in. Good idea, Timman.

Patrick Kinsale said...

You may be interested in this local story about lack of interest in Jeff City.


Christopher said...

I'm in as well

I will be updating my site later tonite

Anonymous said...

I've been through St. Louis on a
number of occasions; and I always
see several magnificent churches
from the highway (highways 44 & 70).
Can you tell me which ones these


thetimman said...

last anon, I think you tried to attach photos to your post, but that won't work in this venue.

thetimman said...

I received a comment yesterday by an anonymous commenter, but I had to reject it for posting-- it had some good points, but gave a little bit too much personal information about certain chancery employees.

To summarize the other points, this reader lamented the diocesan newspaper for Jefferson City, which focuses only on a particular type of vision of "social justice" with which I am sure many of my readers are quite familiar. The reader said they were ashamed of the offiical diocesan statement, and does not believe the views of any pro-traditional Mass people were sought. He asks for your prayers that the Bishop will stand up for what's right.

If this person reads this, feel free to re-comment and I will replace this one-- just make sure not to get too personal, as I am very keen to avoid detraction in this forum.

Anonymous said...

What "official dioesan statement" is your correspondent reffering to? To my knowledge aside from a somewhat shaky article in the Jefferson City Post-Dispatch, the only statement thus far, was the boilerplate CNS article explaining what the Motu Proprio said, and in the latest Catholic Missourian an analyis piece by Russell Shaw from OSV. Either your correspondent has confused the Catholic Missourian with the local Jeff City daily, or has confused it with a certain Kansas City based "Catholic" publication that shall not be named.

John said...

I grew up and was confirmed in the Jeff City Diocese and all I can say is that I am so glad to be gone from there.

Whoever was Bishop in 1997 at my Confirmation Mass (I was confirmed later in life) gave a homily on among other things, female ordination and married priests.

I hope and pray that the two dioceses will get a Extraordinary Mass soon, the faithful need all the extra graces they can get.

Anonymous said...

The "offical" statement was in the Jefferson City News Tribune given by the spokesperson of the diocese. The article connected to this Blg. Nothing offical in the diocese newspaper as of date. I attend the eastside parish in Jeff City, and you wouldn't believe what goes on here. My pastor was quoted as saying, "No one speaks Latin here". It's a mess here, you have no idea. please pray for us.

Anonymous said...

That was NOT an official comment from the diocese. The reporter from the Jefferson City newspaper asked Mr. Saucier whether any other media outlets had called requesting information about the Pope's moto proprio, and Mr. Saucier said, "We haven't gotten any calls about the Latin Mass." The reporter misunderstood him. Once again, THERE HAS NOT BEEN AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM THE BISHOP OF THE JEFFERSON CITY DIOCESE. The bishop is in Peru visiting the missions there. Try not to ALWAYS assume the worst when posting on blogs and sending obnoxious e-mails all over the diocese.

thetimman said...

OK, let's step back a little. The post has obviously stirred some interest, which is good. There hasn't been an official statement from the diocese yet, so let's make that clear. We hope to read one soon.

Unitl then, let's focus on providing solid information in charity, and providing a link for people in the Jeff City and Springfield dioceses to connect for positive action.

To sum up, we hope the Bishop will issue a statement supporting the motu, and we stand ready to give him aid. Let's all pray for Bishop Gaydos and Bishop Leibrecht as they make practical decisions in the next six weeks and beyond.

Austin Hoang said...

Right now, we are trying our very best to support one another and reach out to those who have the heart for the Traditional Latin Mass. I know that I have been meeting with Catholics from Una Voce Springfield Area Chapter, and we have discussed the Motu Proprio and the effects. It is wise to be patient and it is even better to wait, because rushing into having one will not result with a sublime celebration of the Tridentine.
He, Bishop Leibrecht, is expected to meet with his councils very soon, earlier than what he had wanted. The priests I know have shown mixed emotions. Some are for it, while others are not so happy. We need priests who can say it with their hearts truly desire to be united with the Lord at the Sacrifice of the Mass.
Until then, please pray for us! And shout out to all peoples from Springfield area! Please support one another!

Anonymous said...

Very typical statement from the Center of the State. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

We faithful want the Latin mass in the Jefferson city Diocese Bad...but our Bishop hasn't been too cooperative with us. We have created a site to find interested catholics so that we can make our plea across to the bishop. Its really bad when we have to travel 2-4 hours for sunday mass. because not on parish now offers Latin mass in our diocese. The ones we did have, have been discontinued.

here is the site...