23 August 2007

Because Sometimes Deportation is Only Two Days Away

New Marriage Law Means Same Day License

Beginning Tuesday, August 28, applicants for marriage licenses issued by Missouri's county recorders of deeds are no longer subject to a three-day waiting period between application and pick-up of license.

"Customers benefit the most from this change. They won't have to make two trips to the marriage license office. It also makes things less complicated for brides and grooms who travel here for their ceremonies, such as military personnel,"said Sharon Quigley Carpenter, St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds & Vital Records Registrar.

"The circuit courts also benefit. Eliminating the need for waiting period waiver requests reduces their workload," said Carpenter.

"Our marriage license records preservation project benefits from a one-trip marriage license. The staff time spent on the second trip, document retrieval, can now be spent scanning more documents and indexing data entry."

Repeal of the three-day waiting period comes about from an amendment to Senate Bill 22 in the most recent regular session of the Missouri Legislature. The change takes effect next Tuesday.


Left out of this story is any coverage of the massive street celebrations by undocumented immigrants and 17-year olds following the announcement. After all, if we can download immoral pictures immediately, get car insurance in 15 minutes, and chat online continuously, why not same-day marriage licenses?

Who needs time to reconsider a quick marriage anyway?

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Mark Scott Abeln said...

I vote to increase the waiting period to three months, at least.