30 August 2007

Global Government is Your Friend

Colleen Hammond has compiled a round-up of links on the "inevitable" Avian flu pandemic and the coming response by the UN, a response that will trump US law. How? Read on. You may or may not remember I posted something on this earlier this year, focusing on the coming "prohibition of community gatherings" (Catholics: read "the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass") as part of the government population control response. Don't worry, though. I'm sure it will come to nothing and, hey, the Cardinals are still in the race!


TM Lutas said...

Did you know that US agencies don't have primacy in securing phone calls? A UN associated body, the ITU sets those standards. They have been doing this sort of internationl overriding of our sovereignty since their founding in 1865.

Germs don't care about borders but if there is no effective international coordination, disease causing pathogens that would otherwise be eliminated can survive around those borders.

So we plug into a global system and reserve the right to pull out if they ever go off the rails. That's a reasonable position and one that saves lives.

thetimman said...

Thanks for the comment. With respect I have to disagree with your essential premise that "international coordination" will stop germs from crossing borders any better than the U.S. deciding to halt inbound/outbound flights, for instance. Or by patrolling the borders. In short, the type of governing body deciding these things is a question of our sovereignty more than it is of which is likely to keep U.S. citizens safer.

You see, we voted for our government leaders, for better or worse. We didn't vote for the leaders of Canada or Mexico, or the UN Secretary General. We didn't vote on the sometimes alariming solutions that the international elite feel might keep some U.S. citizens 0.00000000000000000001% safer and 90% less free.

Because it isn't the case that we are simply able to opt out of these agreements, if by "we" you mean U.S. citizens instead of whatever cabal of unelected decision makers are the signatories.

Just my thoughts, of course. I could be wrong.