28 August 2007

Ron Paul Video Worth Watching

Why isn't this guy leading in every poll by 60 points?


Lynne said...

Because in 2000(?) he ran for President as a Libertarian. Perhaps he has moderated those but perhaps he hasn't. Also, believe it or not, I am still for the War on Terror and its two fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq.

thetimman said...

Lynne, thanks for the comment. Like your blog, too.

I used to be sympathetic to the Iraq war but I have changed my mind. Not for the reasons advanced by the Democrats, but more because there isn't a justification for the attack according to just war theory. Of course, the outcome has been dismal on many fronts (not military, of course, which is an unadvertised success), but I don't want to pile on with post hoc criticism.

The thing that really appeals to me about Paul is that we haven't had a candidate since Reagan who actually says what he believes, plainly, forthrightly and sensibly.