16 September 2007

Back from Kansas City

Where I attended the Pontifical Low Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated by Bishop Finn and ably assisted by priests of the Institute of Christ the King. The place was packed, and I am sure the KC bloggers will cover the event fully.

It was a nice occasion to meet some fellow bloggers, Rae at Quo Vadis, Delena at Traditional Catholic Mom, Wolftracker at KCC, and I saw (I think) Christopher at Lost Lambs, but couldn't find him after Mass.

Everyone else seems more normal than me.

Par for the course, I guess.


Servus Dei said...

I wish that my bishop would do more to support the Traditional Mass, though he did grant the indult in my diocese when he came in 2002. However, I have not heard a thing about how he plans to implement Summorum Pontificum.

Rae said...

I enjoyed meeting you, too, Timman, and only wish that we all had more time together!! Like you, I caught a glimpse of Christopher (and his wife Aimee (Lady in Blue), but couldn't find them after Mass; and I hear that Joe the Dominican Inquirer was in the very first pew! Next time we must be sure to plan some sort of post-liturgy party. :)

thetimman said...

That's Tim Timman to you.

Rae said...

Hey, thanks! :)

And (I should have said this before) thank you and your family for making the long drive to Kansas City.

Christopher said...

Timman and Rae-

I was there but Aimee and the children were absent as her morning sickness was getting the best of her.

Sorry I had to run after mass as we had to be in Saint Louis by 6pm so we were running on a tight scheudle.

I have some pix up on my blog now but others have done a good job covering it so far.

Thanks again

God Bless you


dominicanmusings said...

Timman, I'm really hoping I get a chance to run into you during the month I'm going to be living in St. Louis. I'll be coming to visit the Oratory.


Rae said...


I could swear that I saw Aimee's lovely long blond hair--but my mind must have been simply completing the picture (of the two of you as a couple)! Please give her my greetings... I hope that she soon feels better!!