17 September 2007

Excellent Post at AMDG...

...about Barat Academy, the new Catholic high school in St. Charles County. AMDG takes a look at its theology program and wonders if it is good for students. I'll let you answer that question for yourself.

But for me, the biggest question is not why do self-identified Catholic high schools teach about the enneagram, or assign books like "Living Buddha/Living Christ", or any such one of a number of outrages that occur all too frequently.

No, my biggest question is why a parent would pay someone $11,000 a year to steal their child's Catholic faith? I mean, we live in a dangerous world with many threats to our children's faith, but come on, should I really have to pay through the nose for the privilege?

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wolftracker said...

Timman: As for the money angle, status is everything, don't you know. Why burn in Hell coach or economy class, when burning in the wider First Class seats makes a statement about who you really are?