13 September 2007

How Can I Nurture a Religious Vocation in My Children?

Here is one way, culled from the Benedictines of Mary Blog:

We are counting our blessings this week in the form of 31 girls, ages 10-15, who volunteered to help us with our fall cleaning on Monday. The girls, most of whom are home-schooled, belong to parishes in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese ... Some of them drove over an hour to join us for morning Mass.


The scene of nearly fifty women and girls at meal together provided us with a foretaste of that bright day in the future when our monastery, which will house 58 sisters, is full, and bounding with girls at our finishing school besides. The girls also helped us to prepare for the future in a more concrete way: they generously donated to a fund for the orchard that will be planted on our property. Perhaps next year they will be able to volunteer to pick apples!

Do such activities really help foster vocations? Time will tell, of course, but consider this:

One of the sisters asked a girl if she had any questions concerning our life. She did: "May we come back tomorrow?"

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Father G said...

nice post...pray for vocations...
O Lord, send us priests
O Lord, send us holy priests
O Lord, send us many holy priests and religious vocations...