28 September 2007

Traditional Mass and Seminar by Fr. Carr and Fr. Keller

I would have posted this earlier, but it was sent to me when I had email problems. Rome of the West has all the details.


Paul Hargadon said...

Thanks for spreading the word.

thetimman said...

no prob, sorry it is late.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!

However, I don't think its a good idea to connect a "visiting" priest with the Oratory.

What I mean to say is all we know is he is on leave of absent. You never know these days.

thetimman said...

No problem, there was no intent at all-- that is how the handbill of the event is listed. It actually did give me a little pause, but co-presenting with Fr. Keller gave the event the credibility of posting it as a community news item.

God bless.