24 October 2007

Ha! This Blog is Being "Novus Ordo Watch"ed

I thought I hit the big time by being banned by the Spirit of Vatican 2 blog. Heh, that's bush league.

What is really exciting news is that the fine folks at Novus Ordo Watch have seen fit to accuse your blogmaster of cowardice and of posting "novus ordo comments". More on the particulars below, but first-- what is Novus Ordo Watch?

Novus Ordo Watch is a site run by the sedevacantist crowd (you know, those who think that every Pope since Pius XII or, for their more liberal adherents, John XXIII, has been an anti-Pope, and that the chair of Peter is thus vacant) that purports to keep tabs on the Novus Ordo and lists descriptions and pictures of some of the worst of its abuses. Some of the pictures are quite alarming, or funny, or disgusting, as the subject matter dictates. I have seen their stuff before. Some of it is useful, but they aren't always sticklers for facts and they don't hesitate to jump to conclusions, warranted or unwarranted.

So, how did this blog get caught up in the "watch"? Well, as you remember, I previously covered the execrable video of the outrageous dance number at St. Alphonsus Church. And I certainly didn't highlight this stuff to approve it. In the (novus ordo, heh) comments box I had an exchange with a reader about whether and to what extent the Archbishop had control over the activities of this parish, because it was run by the Redemptorists.

Fast forward to the story at hand-- in its own inimitable coverage of the lightning strike at St. Alphonsus, Novus Ordo Watch does not scruple to attack Archbishop Burke. To use their words, "the supposedly conservative John Paul II appointee "Archbishop" Burke was allowing pagan syncretism to flourish at St. Alphonsus..."

Now, for those of you new to sede-speak, let me translate:

--"supposedly conservative"= no matter what good Abp. Burke does, or how much he promotes traditional Catholicism, he still celebrates the novus ordo Mass and is thus suspect;

--"John Paul II appointee"= appointed by not-Pope JP2;

--"'Archbishop'" (in quotes)= because Burke was not consecrated a Bishop in the traditional rite, he was not validly ordained a Bishop at all and thus cannot be a real Archbishop;

--"allowing"= it's all his fault; and, finally,

--pagan syncretism= a belief that all religions are essentially the same, or at least that one is as good as another.

Got it? Well, we need to move on, so if you need to, just take a stiff drink and try to keep up.

One of the links on the Novus Ordo Watch story was to my previous post on the liturgical dance at St. Alphonsus. Here is what it said concerning this blog, verbatim [WARNING TO ENGLISH MAJORS, READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL]:

Novus Ordo comments on the Novus Ordo comments on the "praise dance" video (some unwittingly humorous remarks defend Burke as having his hands tied because it's a Redemptorist church, as if a bishop can't demand that the order clean up its act or leave)Entertainment Tonight goes up in flames (in contrast to the above remarks, the blogmaster at Sheep in the Midst of Wolves has his head on pretty straight and reads "Rock" Church the riot act (see entries for September 28th and also the 27th).

So, you see, I am a novus ordo, unwittingly humorous (my wife's opinion finally vindicated) defender of Archbishop Burke.

Me? Novus Ordo?

Dear Novus Ordo Watch: Thank you for lumping me with Archbishop Burke. I'm sure he is not too comfortable with the association, but I am pleased as punch.


YoungCatholicSTL said...

Absolutely Awesome. Congratulations on being part of the one true Church.

Anonymous said...

eh... interesting thread )