12 October 2007

Researcher: Humans Will Wed Robots

Why not, after all? It sure seems logical to me. Don't forget pets, while we're at it.

In C.S. Lewis' third installment of the Space Trilogy, "That Hideous Strength", Ransom relates the marital relationships and reproductive processes of those persons who live on the Moon. Seems he was about seventy years ahead of his time.

MAASTRICHT, Netherlands, Oct. 11 (UPI) -- The University of Maastricht in the Netherlands is awarding a doctorate to a researcher who wrote a paper on marriages between humans and robots. David Levy, a British artificial intelligence researcher at the college, wrote in his thesis, "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners," that trends in robotics and shifting attitudes on marriage are likely to result in sophisticated robots that will eventually be seen as suitable marriage partners. Levy's conclusion was based on about 450 publications in the fields of psychology, sexology, sociology, robotics, materials science, artificial intelligence, gender studies and computer-human interaction. The thesis examines human attitudes toward affection, love and sexuality and concluded that the findings are just as applicable to human interaction with robots of the future as they are to the relationships between humans of today.


Excuse me, did that say 'sexology'?


Latinmassgirl said...

These inter-human-machine couples can then just "order" robotic kids, who will be very obedient, doing whatever their master, oops, I mean mom says! And no poopie diapers!

I wonder if you can trade them in for a new model if they talk back?

bill bannon said...

And to think that the Netherlands in the past provided the world with some of the most beautiful paintings of still lifes and of the coastline that were ever done. Now they are actually seeking to still life itself.....because only real love can disappoint. For Judas to have been able to hurt Christ emotionally....means that Christ had a love toward Judas while knowing of his potential...Christ nevertheless always saw Judas' potential for good which would not win out as Christ knew it would not from the psalms predictions of Judas and from being God Himself...yet He could still be hurt when the actual choice of Judas occurred. Thus robots cannot disappoint or hurt one.