30 November 2007

As Previously Promised, Archbishop Burke Establishes New Traditional Mass Oratory in West County

Sorry I am late in posting this, but you won't believe the day I had.

There is a new Oratory for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in West County, essentially replacing the Canons Regular apostolate.  The decree of erection takes effect Sunday. Location and Mass times are in the linked article.

The Archbishop promised to provide for those faithful in the West County area who had attended Mass with the Canons.  As usual, he was true to his word.  Perhaps some of his critics will step forward and publicly credit him for this.  I won't hold my breath.

This Archdiocese is the place to be for traditional Catholics.


Zach said...

Is this oratory being run by the institute or by diocesan priests?

thetimman said...

Neither. Benedictines. They run Priory school and St. Anselm Parish, too.

Athelstane said...

This is very promising news, Tim.

Imagine the strange feeling of actually having multiple options for attending traditional mass - and not just parisses offering a bland low mass once a month, either, but full fledged oratories offering daily mass. It feels strange to say it. It feels strange to think about it. But it feels very, very good.

Not that you'd want to leave St. Francis. But how wonderful to actually have options for a traditional mass and sacraments daily in multiple places within easy driving distance. Many cities can't boast even one.

St. Louis Catholics: Count your blessings.

Richard L.