26 November 2007

Thank You

I just noticed today that this blog has registered over 50,000 unique visitors since its launch in February 2007. In 285 days, that comes to an average of 175 visitors a day. Certainly not in the top echelon of blogger traffic, but I am very grateful nonetheless.

I started this blog to provide a traditional Catholic forum for news and opinion, principally but not exclusively in the St. Louis area, to support the Archbishop, and also to promote as much as possible the traditional Mass (generally) and St. Francis de Sales Oratory (specifically). I give thanks to God and to Mary that I was led to the traditional Mass and to the Oratory, and I credit these for a new and more complete re-orientation to the faith.

During these nine months, there have been several news stories with Church-wide import emanating from St. Louis, and I have been glad to cover them all. Some of these stories drew daily traffic in the thousands. But I really want to express my gratitude for the 100-200 who visit here each day. I am surprised, to say the least, that anyone other than my wife would have any interest in my ramblings. And as for her, she's really only interested in about 30% of it.

I read about a year ago (sorry, can't remember the source) that in the current crisis in the Church faithful Catholics were no longer finding the traditional parish community experience at their territorial parishes, and instead were finding these things in so-called "virtual" parishes. In things like websites visited, newspapers and magazines subscribed to, radio stations listened to, apostolates and homeschool co-ops joined, and the like. I think there is a lot of truth to that. Hopefully, the virtual parishes we find and form lead the Church and us back to vibrant, truly Catholic, real parishes. In the meantime, I enjoy being an agitator in your virtual parish.

God bless you all.


wolftracker said...

Congratulations! But are you sure it has only been 285 days? Seems longer, much longer. (Just kidding.) Looking forward to much more Catholic blogging St. Louis.

James said...

And many thanks to you for bringing me this snapshot of ecclesial life in St. Louis. It means much to have this reminder of the life I left behind in St. Louis.

How I miss the Oratory- the beautiful liturgy, the sound doctrine and theology, the sanctity and great charity of the priests and laity.

Returning to Hartford was a shock. We clearly bear the ravages of post-modernism, and the accompanying moral and spiritual rot.

But looking in the rearview mirror, it was very clear that God used family duties to call me home for important reasons.

Nonetheless, I miss the oratory and the good people there. Please give my regards to everyone and tell them that I promise to be in touch soon. Thetimann, perhaps you are one of the people I knew in person. If so, you have done an effective job of staying anonymous.

I wish I could return sooner, but what I am learning is that cash is tight in the real world, especially given the ridiculous taxation and cost of living up here in the Nutmeg State.

And please keep up the blogging... it is a source of great joy and hope to read about the goings-on at the oratory and in St. Louis.

May God bless you, and please keep me in your prayers, for this is a time of great trial and challenge.

thetimman said...

Thanks, James, for the kind words. And WT, you too: it does seem like a loooooooooong time. And you are largely to blame, you know.