21 December 2007

The Christmas Display at Bill McClellan's House? Ignorance.

Just in time for Christmas, Bill McClellan decides that Sylvester Brown's inane commentary on Archbishop Burke is not inane enough. So, of course, he criticizes the Archbishop with his oh-so-subtle "wit". See, it's all in good fun-- wink, wink!

From the article at STLToday:

During an earlier struggle between the board of St. Stanislaus and the Archdiocese of St. Louis, I suggested that Archbishop Raymond Burke would be well-served if he had a wife to give him counsel. Such frank and loving counsel is beneficial for all men, but especially, I suspect, for powerful men.

He then recounts a fictional dialogue between the Archbishop and his wife:

"There is nothing wrong with holiday cheer, Raymond."

"I have plenty of it, Martha."

"I know you do, Raymond, but nobody else knows that. It seems like every holiday season, you're angry at somebody. It was during the Christmas season that you announced your intention to declare the board at St. Stanislaus excommunicated. This year, you're angry with Rabbi Susan Talve."

"She had no right to provide legitimacy to that charade about women priests, Martha."

"Oh, Raymond. There was no legitimacy to that service. Who took it seriously? It's not as if those women are actually Roman Catholic priests now. Perhaps Susan shouldn't have gotten involved in that whole business, but she did, and that's that. We can either live with it, or make it a bigger deal than it is. Besides, you know how I feel about women and the church. …"

"Love trumps scandal, Raymond. 'Love thine enemy. Bless those who curse you. Do good to those who hate you. Pray for those who use you and persecute you.' Matthew didn't write about scandal. He wrote about love."...

"...Speaking of the media, we'll invite some of them, too."

"Martha! I don't even talk to the media."

"That's why they portray you as a grumpy man who spends too much time worrying about rules and so-called scandal. And we'll invite the board from St. Stans. And those two women who want to be priests. God bless them for wanting to serve. We all love the same Lord. And I'm sure Catholic Charities could suggest some needy families who would really appreciate a party."

There is more of this tripe in the article if you can handle it. Gee, I never knew about that "love your enemies" bit until Bill McClellan was good enough to point that out. Excuse me, Bill, but I think your effort at humor fails, and that you are in over your head when you pass judgment on the Catholic Church and our Archbishop. I notice you didn't take any shots at the Rabbi, the Priestettes, or St. Stan's Board. No, just the easy mark. Look out for a lump of coal this Christmas.


YoungCatholicSTL said...

I read this earlier today and almost posted on it. What ever happened to the notion of "tough love"? Sometimes when you truly care about someone you have to enforce a penalty. If a child does something wrong, we still love the child, but we also still spank or ground the child in order to teach them something. This is exactly what Burke did with St. Stan's and the "womenpriests". Excommunication was imposed because we love these people and want them to get back to the flock and get to heaven, not out of spite. Maybe its time we impose some tough love on Bill McClellan and quit reading his column for awhile.

Fr. Andrew said...

Sadly, McClellan doesn't realize that Archbishop Burke was loving those women as he excommunicated them. It is a medicinal punishment- in love he informed them that they have removed themselves from the graces of the Church.

If only Bill McClellan knew that same love.

Latinmassgirl said...

I feel as if Mr. McClellan's article making fun of our holy, saintly Archbishop is almost sacrilegious. He should hang his head in shame. What a disgraceful lack of judgement.

Chris L. said...

It is just another sign that our good Archbishop is dead on the mark! The more the media criticizes the more we are assured he is right.
Also note that the media makes Archbishop Burke out to be angry all the time. A false accusation and insinuation that he lacks true charity. He is extremely patient and kind, to much so for poor sinners such as myself. Those against him are fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! I can't believe we are "blogging" about this. Why on earth give McClenn space?

We should be blogging about Midnight Mass at St. Francis de Sales. If you have never been there you should really go this year. If you have never been to the Oratory Midnight Mass is a perfect start. If thats to late, go to the 10am Solemn High Mass on Christmas day. WHY NOT?

Athelstane said...

Hello Tim,

I had two thoughts when I came across this earlier today:

1) This chatty, wannabe urbane style was tiresome enough when Maureen Dowd first did it.

2) I'm trying to imagine the results of a 4th century Bill McClellan trying this tack with Athanasius. The results are, at best, amusing.