16 December 2007

Gifts for the Traditional Catholic

For those who have already finished their Christmas shopping, today's Mass is for you:

Again I say, rejoice!

Unfortunately, I haven't even started.  So, to wile the time away, I tried to come up with a quick list of some gifts that a traditionally-minded Catholic would enjoy.  

The list below is just the barest of lists, but I hope you find it helpful.  And I invite anybody to add some ideas in the comments box.

Like I said, just a quick list; I am sure I'm missing a lot.  Merry Christmas!


Latinmassgirl said...

Husband arranges for a baby sitter for their 5-10 children and takes his wife out for a beautiful evening, such as dinner and a Christmas symphony.


Wife doesn't have time to read books, although she would love to. Time, that would be the ultimate gifts from the husband. He watches the kids all day and gives her the day off so she can read, take a hot bath, paint her nails, or just sleep. . .

Husband, if you are reading this, it is a little hint. . .

Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate it if anyone can comment
on the Haydock Bible. I have a newer 'reprint' Douay-Rheims Bible, where mistakes are a-plenty and the photo-transcribing process set many of the pages on an angle. I have several other Bibles also; but they are either poor reprints, too large to actually use very easily, or too old to read without falling apart in my hands.

So, before I actually shell-out $125 bucks, can anyone tell me whether or not this print version is worth the asking price? Does the copy accurately reflect the original; and does the seller offer any proof that it does (i.e., exhaustive hand-checking, computerized checking of each page against the original)?

A very big thanks to anyone that can help;


Anonymous said...

Latinmassgirl, I hope you receive your wish. When our child was born, my husband took care of so many duties until I got my energy back. Then he spent Saturdays with our child so I could have a day to myself. They continue this practice well into elementary school years. We shared cooking, caring duties on Sunday.

thetimman said...

I have been very pleased with the Haydock Bible I purchased. It is well-done, aesthetically, beautiful. I also found the fairly detailed notes and commentary of Fr. Haydock very helpful. I have read some criticisms of the minor deviations from the pre-challoner version, but speaking as a layman who is not a scripture scholar, I haven't a complaint. It is a great "family" Bible, and is larger (both in total size and in print size) than the also nice recent Baronius press offerings.