28 December 2007

Reminder-- Cardinal George at Shrine of Christ the King Tomorrow

From the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest:

His Eminence Francis Cardinal George will visit the Institute of Christ the King's Chicago headquarters, the Shrine of Christ the King, on Saturday, December 29th at 1:30 PM. His Eminence, the president of the USCCB, will attend a Solemn High Mass and crown the precious, recently acquired statue of the Divine Infant King. All are invited to attend!The church building, until now "gutted," has been cleaned and beautifully prepared for this occasion, and will now be used regularly as construction work allows. Funds are still being sought to restore the church. Details about the restoration project are available at historic-landmark.org. All donations are most gratefully accepted.

You can see pictures of the Shrine Church here, as it now appears after being gutted and during the ongoing restoration. This is simply amazing, and why I think donating to the Institute is money well-spent. They always, always, make sacred spaces feel sacred. They are always reverent. And they have a great sense of art, beauty and style. If they can do this in a very temporary setting, think of what they can do with the finished product. For example, the north sacristy at St. Francis de Sales was restored in the last year. Pictures here.


marcpekny said...

Marc will be 'on the scene' for this event today. I will report later after the event and (of course) the reception afterwards.

marcpekny said...

Timman, et al.,

The Shrine Mass and crowning was beautiful as expected. Cardinal George blessed & crowned the statue and then Msgr. Schmitz celebrated the Solemn High Mass.

The place was also PACKED. All of the pews and other seats they had originally set up were taken and then they went and grabbed a bunch of metal folding chairs and there were a few folks still standing.

I'm looking forward to Sunday Mass there tomorrow.