15 December 2007

Seminary Expansion Confirmed by Archbishop Burke

Confirmation of the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary expansion came yesterday as His Grace addressed the seminarians themselves last evening.  Some highlights:

- What is currently a large (mostly unused) gym-like multi-purpose area on the second floor will be renovated to create some 16 or 17 new dorm rooms. 

- Several faculty members currently have offices in former seminarian rooms. These rooms will be returned to the seminarians, creating another 15 or so dorm rooms. 

- New faculty offices and several new classrooms are included in the plan. 

- The HVAC system and plumbing will be overhauled. 

- A new library building will be constructed.

- Happily, the main chapel will be renovated in order to, among other reasons, allow for the more dignified celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass. 

- A small chapel will be installed on the second floor for private Masses. 
- More guest rooms will be created.

An early Christmas present to the Seminary and to the Archdiocese.  The importance of an orthodox, vibrant priestly seminary in the Archdiocese cannot be overstated.  The Archbishop himself addressed this issue earlier this year here and here.


Michael C. said...

Yes, this is a blessing. Nevertheless, the seminary will need monatery assistance to help fund the project. Please be generous with your money.

Anonymous said...

Will this seminary promote the latin mass? According to one blog message, there are quite a few applicants to seminaries that support the latin mass but insufficient space to accept them. Perhaps this expansion will ease that problem?

thetimman said...

This seminary trains its priests in the extraordinary form.