17 December 2007

Two Posts of Interest on the Heresy Front...

at AMDG, first of the upcoming appearance by Fr. Peter Phan at Aquinas Institute-- part of that institution's ongoing effort to promote heterodoxy and confusion.

The second is of our delusional friends' comical ceremony in which they pretend to be ordained. This video is simultaneously hilarious, nauseating and infuriating. Two questions immediately came to my mind: 1. What is it with these people and the dancing bowls of incense? 2. What were the saints doing when this crowd had the temerity to invoke their aid in this schismatic and blasphemous effort?

Nice catch, AMDG.


Marc said...

The only hope that can be gotten from the "ordination" video is that the 10 minutes of suffering will emtpy purgatory more quickly :)

YoungCatholicSTL said...

1. Typical of Aquinas Institute. Wonder what St. Thomas Aquinas would have said about having his name attached to a place like that, which does everything but encourage Thomistic tradition?

2. After about 3 minutes of that video, I was hoping to go blind rather than watch anymore of it. The dancing incense lady and the person wearing the yamaka in the front center of the video were enough to drive me nuts. Looked more like a sayance than an ordination, but then again, who am I to question the women bishops and priests of this world. *vomit*

Anonymous said...

Some good news on Aquinas;

the current president (a Dominican equivalent of Thomas Reese) is on his way out at the end of this year.

And, since the OP's are among the orders whose newer members are collectively restoring an orthodox mindset, there's hope for the future.

Also worth noting that while their overall curriculum is questionable, at least 2 CMSWR (the "real" nuns) orders send members there (Daughters of St. Paul and Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Latinmassgirl said...

After viewing the video on the pretend ordination of the woman, my mind flashed back on the beautiful ordinations by Archbishop Burk in St. Louis this past summer of the Institute of Christ the King's two American seminarians.

The fake ordination was ridiculous, boring, and very hard to watch for a few minutes, but the real Latin Mass ordination which lasted four hours was glorious and as close to heaven on earth as one could be.

Chris L. said...

I observed how easy it is to twist/subvert the Novus Ordo mass to ones own intention. Had the Latin mass been in universal practice that renegade group most likely have been stopped cold.
It is sad to think they actually believe they are legitimate.