17 December 2007

Update on the Restoration and Repair of St. Francis de Sales' Steeple

From the Rector, Fr. Lenhardt:

Since the foundation of St. Francis de Sales Oratory in July 2005 we have worked on preliminary studies to investigate the extension and origin of the movement, the geological reasons it and the possibilities to stabilize this structure. With your financial help and with the help and supervision of the archdiocesan Office of Building and Real Estate the administration of the oratory has spent almost $150,000 for the preliminary work of architects and engineers. During this month of December we received the results of their work. The good news is, our steeple will not collapse immediately, as mockers said, the bad news is it needs serious repair. The restoration of the steeple will cost $1.3 million. The sooner we begin the work the better it is and the more future damage we will be able to prevent. Therefore, we ask you for your help and your support. You can help us in many different ways, through your donations and through your prayers, but also by spreading the word about the needs of one of the most important and beautiful churches in St. Louis.

Please, contact our office for further information. 314-771-3100

In his letter, Father also included some statistics from the Oratory in the past year:

This year 2007 St. Francis de Sales Oratory has seen:

19 Baptisms
11 Weddings
5 Funerals
34 Confirmations
2 Conversions to the Catholic Church
1 Adult Baptism
About 700 hours of confessions were heard by the clergy of the oratory.

We invite you to celebrate with us the 140th Christmas at St. Francis de Sales.

Christmas Schedule
Monday, December 24, Christmas Eve
11pm: Confessions
11:30pm: Christmas carols
12:am: Midnight Mass

Tuesday, December 25, Nativity of the Lord, Christmas
(Dec. 24) 12am-Midnight Mass
8am, Low Mass with organ: Missa in aurora
10am, Solemn High Mass: Missa in die


Ordinary schedule of Masses at the Oratory:
Daily: 8:00am Low Mass
Sunday: 8:00am Low Mass, 10:00 Solemn High Mass
Tuesday: 6:30pm Low Mass, followed by Perpetual Help devotions
Wednesday: 8am; 12:00 NOON, Low Mass
Thursday: 7:00pm Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament with Benediction
First Friday: 7:00pm Solemn High Mass
Holy Days: 8:00am, and 12:10pm, 7:00pm Solemn High Mass
Confessions/ Holy Rosary 30mins before all Masses

Thanking you for all of your help and your commitment, I wish you and your beloved ones all the heavenly blessings of the advent and birth of our Divine Redeemer.

Yours devotedly in Christ the King
Fr. Karl W. Lenhardt
Episcopal Delegate/Rector/Vice Provincial

If you are looking for a worthy tax-deductible recipient for donations before the end of the tax year, the Oratory fits the bill well.

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Anonymous said...

I bet that the 700 hours of confession at St. Francis de Sales is more than most parishes have in five years! How glorious it is to see those confessionals with lines of waiting people weekly.