13 December 2007

Whoa! Big News at Rorate Caeli re: Legion of Christ

Post with comments at Rorate Caeli:

Pope repeals "secret vows" of the Legion of Christ

Excerpt of an article published yesterday by the Mexican daily La Jornada:

The derogation of the secret vows of the Legionaries.The Pope has derogated the private vows of the Legionaries of Christ, precisely those which were used by the superiors of this religious congregation to protect themselves from possible complaints. The sources of news agencies indicate that these are "parallel measures" to the disciplinary penalty imposed on Marcial Maciel for sexual abuses in 2006.

Pope Benedict XVI had personally asked for the repeal of the private vows professed by the seminarians and priests of the Legionaries of Christ. These were oaths, related to the internal life of the order, which assured its secrecy and impermeability: the first [oath of "charity"] prevented any kind of criticism of superiors and their decisions by members, while the second [oath of "humility"] forbade the religious men from aspiring to positions within it.


Is there any parallel move planned with any other congregation?

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Michael C. said...

While Pope Benedict has repealed these vows, this does not mean that the Congregation of the Legion of Christ were protecting "themselves from possible complaints." This is just my opinion as I was in a Legionary Minor Seminary for 5 years. They do great work for the Church.