30 December 2007

Year-End Review: Short Version

2007 brought us Summorum Pontificum

But it also brought us Sanjaya Malakar.  


Let's call it a wash.


cmziall said...

A wash? Are you serious?

You've lost your mind,
go drink some wine.

Or maybe some of your home-made sangria! (or left over Guinness?)

Mr. Basso said...

hmmm...if i am looking at a balance and on the one side I see the liberation of the Mass of the Ages and on the other side I see Samir Nahgonnaworkhereanymore, I'm definitely not gonna call that a wash. I mean, there's no way that guy/girl is as evil as Pope B16 is holy.

wolftracker said...

Wait a minute. . .I think you are shorting yourself here. Let us remember that Saint Louis Catholic, the leading Catholic blog in a town of many Catholic faithful and many Catholic controversies, appeared in 2007--as did the motu proprio.

Is this a coincidence? Surely not. Which brings us to 2008. What will you bring us in the new year, Mr. Timman?

thetimman said...

Ok, maybe not a wash, but that girl's fascination with Sanjaya gave me the creeps.

For 2008, I think we will bring more lame humor, end-of-the-world fear-mongering, liberal-baiting, and possibly some haikus.

And other, more decent, material. Remember WT, you are to blame for it all.

thetimman said...

Yo, cmziall, plenty of guinness left to share.

cmziall said...

Great! We're on our way over! (not really, but we DO need to plan to get together SOON!)