10 January 2008

Confirmation of Southwest Mo. TLM, and Another, too

From a new blog, Missouri Latin Mass Community:

Latin (Tridentine) Mass In Southern Missouri

After much preparation, Bishop John J. Leibrecht, of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, has confirmed the initial celebration of the extraordinary mass in the cities of Springfield and Stockton Missouri. These celebrations come in accord with Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, liberalizing usage of the Tridentine mass as the 'extraordinary form' of the Roman Rite.

Initial celebration in Springfield will begin on a monthly basis, starting February 10th at Holy Trinity Church. The exact time has not been set in stone, but so far it looks like 4pm. Monsignor Raymond Orf will preside. Its success will depend entirely on the Catholic people of Springfield and the surrounding region. Regular turnout and participation is the key.Initial celebration in Stockton will begin every Sunday, starting at 12pm (noon) on February 3rd at St. Peter's Church. Father Joe Orthel (email) will preside. Like Springfield, its success will depend on the Catholic people of Stockton and the surrounding region. Regular turnout and participation is the key.

This blog was created by Mr. Shane Schaetzel - 4th degree knight (email, profile), as a communication forum for Missouri Catholics (particularly those in Southern Missouri), interested in the Tridentine mass, and the historic tradition of the Catholic Church.

Again, great news, and I hope everyone in the area supports these Masses and the effort to make the TLM available in all parts of the state.

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Shane Schaetzel said...

CORRECTION: The February 10th Mass in Springfield, will be at 2:00pm (not 4:00pm). Please see molatinmass.com for further details.