14 January 2008

Disgraced Father Bozek Whines to Fox 2-- Archbishop Has Initiated Process to Laicize Him

Smarmy video of Fr. Bozek at Fox 2 here.  Note the tiresome persecution/intimidation charge. Yet Bozek says he will consider reconciliation as well as joining "another" Catholic denomination other than the Roman Catholic Church.  This is a priest saying this.  Of course, this is preposterous.  Is this evidence of a lack of formation, a lack of honesty, or is there some other explanation?

Dan Gray of Fox 2 states that Bozek was an attendee of the infamous women's pretend ordination last month as well.  It sure seems that all of the schismatic birds of a feather are flying together in this town.  And to think that I got some heat for analogizing St. Cronan's to a wildlife sanctuary.

Our dear Archbishop is just doing his job, and doing it well-- but these people are practically begging him to act.  

On a related note, Sr. Lears' date with destiny is set for 10am tomorrow.  I will post as I have news.


cmziall said...

Sounds like Archbishop Burke is a busy man these days and really has his work cut out for him. What saddens me even more about all of this, those that don't fully embrace the Catholic Faith look at this as another "rule being changed" OR "the Catholic Church can't move with the times".

Hooray for Archbishop Burke! We'll call him the "Living Martyr of St. Louis"!

Christopher said...

So... The Archbishop Warned any Catholic that would go to the "Ordination" that he would take proper action..

So he takes proper actions...

And they whine whine whine


Anonymous said...

Fr. Bozek says he will consider joining some other Catholic denomination. This is becoming a dark comedy. Most ethnic Poles are conservative on social issues. How do you think the Poles down at St. Stan's are going to feel when they wake up and find that St. Stan;s is now part of the communion of Utrecht Holland which is by the way notoriously GAY.

Or worse, if it's true that Bozek appeared at the priestess fest over at Rabbi Talve's how are those Poles going to feel when they find out the "other Catholic denomination" is the Women's Ordination Conference.