30 January 2008


hu·bris hyubrɪs, ˈhu-/ [hyoo-bris, hoo-]

excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

Fr. Bozek was on KMOX today promoting the cause of schism. He will say, and did say, anything to curry favor with the ignorant inside and outside of the media. He downplayed the differences between Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc., and said it didn't really matter that Catholics had the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. He played the martyr, as usual. He and many of the callers in support of his schismatic activities cling to the canard that the Archbishop wants to close the church and take their money. He asked people to come and support him "in prayer" at the Catholic Center on Tuesday. Bleahhh.


Peggy said...

Gee, and I've been upset by the promos of Charlie Brennan having Valerie Plame on to perpetuate her lies. That's nothing compared to Fr. Bozek. Nice coverage on the convergence of dissent at St. Stan's. I pray for the families who thought they were just fighting over money and control and are now knee deep.

Anonymous said...

Let's summarize the dispute at St. Stan's.

1.) An Archbishop has told a Catholic Parish that they must be like every other parish and have their assets placed under his theoretical control.

What's so bad about that?

2.) An Archbishop has told a Catholic Parish that he will appoint their priest as he does the priest in every other parish. In other words, their priest will NOT be hired by the lay parishoners.

What's bad about that?

3.) An Archbishop has told a parish that they cannot stand off and regard themselves as unique, different, super-ethnic, or in any special way different from the Universal Roman Catholic Church; in other words must they melt in and be part of the whole, like other Parishes.

What's SO bad about that?

4.) However, the parish for it's part has said that they only want to be Catholic in a distinct part of South St. Louis; they only want to be Roman Catholic if they can maintain their unique ethnic identity; they must hire and fire their own priest; and they must control all their own assets.

Moreover, their leader has suggested they might join with other schismatic denominations if the Archbishop doesn't "meet him halfway", or, in other words treat him as if he were a peer, that is, another Archbishop.


Here is my message to all the readers of this blog.

I (like you) don't need any particular parish to be a Catholic. I just need A parish somewhere where there are Catholics.

Let me put it like this. I happen to be Irish.

So, I don't need an Irish parish to be an Irish Catholic. I can be an Irish Catholic in an African American Parish. I can be an Irish Catholic in any parish which is part of the Universal Roman Catholic Church. If my own parish were closed. I would be sad. But I would know that the parish to which I move my religious duties is as good as any other parish.

I feel this way because I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Who the heck are these people at St. Stanislaus who think they can't be Catholic unless they can dictate the terms of ethnicity and property? Let's ask the real question. Are the parishioners of St. Stan's Catholic now? Have they ever been? How long has it been since they stopped being Catholic and traded in the sacraments for kielbasa and polka?

Archbishop Raymond Burke didn't make these people schismatic. They did it to themselves and it probably happened the day they decided that instead of being Catholic they would prefer to run a Polish Theme Park.

And the great laugh in all this is when it's all over the only person who really cares that they stay members of the Roman Catholic Church (and not some fantasy entity called the "Polish Roman Catholic Church) is His Grace Raymond Burke.


Latinmassgirl said...

Fr. Bozek is really getting what he wants by having the media lapping up his words like thirsty puppies, and spitting them out to naive listeners.

My dear mama, whom I just saw today, told me that the GREAT news is Fr. Bozek has asked the Archbishop for a reconciliation. That ALL he wants is to be reunited with the Catholic Church!

Wow! I think that Castro might not have propaganda work as well as that!!

Jeron said...

What latinmassgirl said. Fr. Bozek is really couching this in terminology perfect for his agenda. He's playing this wonderfully well. He should go to work for John Edward & re-tool his campaign.