17 January 2008

Let's Read the St. Stan's Bulletin

I was curious to see what the bulletin of the schismatic, formerly Catholic parish of St. Stanislaus would have to say about the recent antics of Fr. Bozek as he defends his upcoming laicization in the press.  It seems that the webmaster must have taken some time off, or perhaps the January bulletins were deemed unworthy of posting as normal.  Whatever the cause, it appears the most recent bulletins date to December 2007.  In one of these bulletins I came across the following intriguing item:

December 1-2: World AIDS Day 

On December 1st every year, the World AIDS Day is 

celebrated. On the following Sunday, December 2nd

testing site will be available after both Masses at the   

Polish Heritage Center. We invite all Parishioners and 

guests, to use this opportunity and get tested for HIV. It 

is crucial that we all, especially persons who are sexually 

active, know our HIV status. Those free of 

charge tests will be performed by our        

parishioner, ------- ------, MA who works 

as an STD Prevention Specialist at the Health 

and Education for Youth and Young Adults 

Center. Please join us and wear a red  ribbon as a sign of 

solidarity with those infected with the HIV virus. 


No mention of in what said solidarity consists.  I don't think the writer means the Solidarity union that defeated Communism in Poland.  Who knows?  And while it is "crucial", in the writer's opinion, that we all, "especially persons who are sexually active", know our HIV status, it is likely more "crucial" that we live Christ's call to chastity in our various states of life.

You can learn some things about a church by its bulletin.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention this. I noted to myself whilst perusing the St. Cronan website and bulletin that there is absolutely no mention of Jan. 22nd, no Roe v. Wade, no pro-life ministry, no marches.

Francis said...

In light of the events that have taken place at St. Stans during the past year, do you feel that the priest, board and parishioner’s souls will be condemned to hell for their actions against the divine authority of the Archbishop? Is it possible, through our prayer and love, the intervention of the Catholic faithful can save their souls?

thetimman said...

Francis, no one is beyond hope who is still breathing. Of course our prayers can help, and we should pray for them to come around. It is only God's grace that can help any of us. I look at those who support St. Stan's Board or the womenpriest crowd with sadness and compassion. They have problems. So do I, believe me. I remember reading a prayer that has always struck me, though I can't remember to whom to attribute it: "Without Your Divine protection, Lord, I will betray you worse than Judas."

That one gets my attention, and I can't say it isn't true.

In my own life, though I constantly struggle, I can trace the workings of Grace my whole life, but especially lifting me from disobedience to the Church's teaching in one important area. It was the work of years. You see, people can be quite obstinate in sin.

So, yes, pray. Pray and sacrifice.

cmziall said...

I can't find an "official" place for that quote, but it looks like it might've been St. Philip Neri. He's AWESOME! He has a great story about a man that would leave Mass right after Communion so one day he had the alter boys follow the man out and the whole way home with a candle on either side of him since he was a walking tabernacle!

Timman, it's great to see at the end of your comment the word SACRIFICE. . . I LOVE IT! Embrace it!

Christopher said...

Ive been told to say that prayer from the confessional as well..

Thank you God for the gift of the true faith