30 January 2008

Links to Brennan Interview with Excommunicated Priest

If you can stand to listen to Fr. Bozek spread his misinformation, and have the low blood pressure necessary to remain upright while listening to the ignorance of some of the callers, here is the link to a two part audio file of the Charlie Brennan interview on KMOX today.


Christopher said...

Was that you Timman that called in toward the end of Part 1?

Too bad Bozek had no response to you

He has been poorly instructed.

I hope the De-Frocking is completed soon.

Then the Archdiocese the can sue the Board of Directors at this church for using the words Roman Catholic

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. One of those callers sounds familiar. I wonder if Bozek has contacted bishop-elect Johnston to offer him a compromise as well. I wonder if he ever heard back from the polish bishop about claiming them as a "missionary" church?

Delena said...

I, too, was wondering if you were the last caller on Part I? :-)