28 January 2008

Local Schism Roundup

One of the many strategies in St. Stanislaus Kostka's media case against Archbishop Burke is that the former parish is a traditional Polish Catholic parish and that the Archbishop's beef is purely mercenary. Can anybody tell me where in the rubrics for the Mass-- in any language-- there is a call for the priest to wear a witch hat? No word on whether Fr. Bozek will be wearing this for his prescheduled "impromptu" press conference next Tuesday after the Archbishop gives him yet another opportunity to repent.

And just what is the significance of the rainbow stole worn above by Fr. Bozek and the woman next to him? (The photos above are accessible through the St. Stanislaus website).

On another front, I had decided to refrain from postings concerning St. Cronan's unless there was something newsworthy. Well, it didn't take long to find something newsworthy.

Interestingly enough, on the eve of their pastor, Fr. Kleba, having to appear at the chancery for issues relating to the Rabbi Talve/womenpriest advent function last month, the parish has seen fit to post an advertisement for a rescheduled lecture by Peter Phan. Phan, you will recall, is a theologian whose writings have been called into question by the Holy See. Aquinas Institute cancelled a previously scheduled appearance of this person after consultation with the Archdiocese. Yet being too heterodox for Aquinas Institute is not enough for St. Cronan's. If the Archbishop doesn't like him, well then they will surely advance his cause.

The constant argument by St. Cronan's supporters that they really live the Gospel and are being unfairly singled out is belied by this action. There is no reason for them to advertise for Phan in light of the disapproval of his writings by Rome and the consultative decision by Aquinas to deschedule him. Anything is permissible for these self-described Catholics as long as they can show disdain for the Archbishop. By the way, if you click on Phan's picture on the St. Cronan's website, it takes you to the parish's favorite prayer by the Buddha.

It is this kind of thing that ought to wake up those (few?) (many?) parishioners at St. Cronan's who disagree with this nonsense that their parish leadership is bringing the entire parish into disgrace and disrepute. Time for them to speak up. Their "pastoral team" faces possible discipline under Canon law. When will someone there call for a change of direction? Maybe, a change of direction to Catholicism. Who knows? They have a parish assembly scheduled this Saturday.

The Archbishop is acting rightly to exercise his authority to look into the actions of those self-identified Catholics who have been in the news in the past two months. He is exercising pastoral care of souls. Thank God for his courage in so doing. But is sure seems that these people are begging for attention.


cmziall said...

On a lighter note, maybe we can buy them a few cases of the new "Diet Pepsi Max". . . .WAKE UP PEOPLE! http://www.energyfiend.com/2007/02/diet-pepsi-max-with-more-caffeine

Anonymous said...

ya know! Did we think for a moment that after the Motu Proprio came this summer you would be able to see the difference between the sheep and the lambs? I thought so last summer and I know so now. This is very sad indeed, however, the Church NEEDS to purge, and purge deeply. I mean throw up! I grew up under the "new" rite, and I see it! Why can't they? According the Church, scripture, and tradition its going to take more than being a good person to get to heaven. You have to be faithful to the Vicar of Christ and the Church Christ founded. How can people say they are faithful to Christ and NOT obey His Bride the Church? This all saddens me very deeply, but as I understand it one will be taken and the other one left. Which can also mean someone you know. We should all REALLY pray for these souls that are about to reap what they have sown. God bless Archbishop Burke. Thank you Jesus for Archbishop Burke. Thank you Holy Ghost to send someone here to St. Louis to really care for our souls, even when it hurts. Holy Mary Mother of God, what have we all done?

Anonymous said...

The attacks on St. Stanislaus's priest and the parish members--all because they will not surrender their money to the Archbishop--may be very Catholic. But they are far from Christian.

What exactly is it the souls at Stanislaus have sown that should cause ANYONE to pray for the wrath of God to be visited on them? What kind of prayer is that anyway? Do you suppose God is happy to hear it?

thetimman said...

Anon, why is pointing out the actions of the excommunicated priest and the excommunicated board considered an attack?

And you don't seriously believe the Board's "the Archbishop wants to extort our money" propaganda, do you?

To be Catholic, by definition, is to be Christian. So, if the Archbishop's actions in enforcing canon law and bringing the rogue parish into conformity with the proper organization and administration of a parish and in defending the (real) pastor of St. Stanislaus from abuse at the hands of the Board are Catholic, then they are Christian.

It isn't Catholic, it isn't Christian, to defy one's own bishop to accept a parish assignment against the will of that parish's ordinary, to aid and abet the simulation of priestly ordination and assist with schismatics to bring about scandal in those fake ordinations, to cavort with those who promote homosexual activity and other schismatics, and to continually try to sway the opinions of Catholics against their Archbishop.

I don't pray for God's wrath, but that Bozek and his crowd to repent and convert. I guess you would consider that an attack.

Why is every form of disobedience and sin OK, but upholding the teaching of Christ's Church is hateful?