30 January 2008

More Irrefutable Logic from TownTalk

From my favorite reader comes the latest example of anti-Archbishop logic from the good readers of the Suburban Journals in Town Talk:

Town Talk had another ridiculous letter in it today. It was so funny, from a Catholic perspective at least,that I had to pass it along to you. This is the complete letter:

"Step down from the soap box

'I THINK SOMEONE has to tell Burke he is just a regular layman like the rest of us and nobody died and made him Christ or God. Get off the soap box.'"

Your 10-year-old and 13-year-old laughed hysterically at this letter and pointed out all the blatant inaccuracies. Hooray for homeschooling! :)

Actually, I never thought of that before. Now I've changed my mind...


Christopher said...

Is that The Timman in the flesh?

thetimman said...


I am not that handsome or that cool.

Or were you referring to the drawing?

Christopher said...

Nope I thought that dude was you

Guess I was wrong