10 January 2008

Now This is the Product of Open and Meaningful Dialogue

This morning at STLToday, news from Aquinas Institute that it will drop its scheduled lecture by the Rev. Peter Phan:

Aquinas drops Phan lecture

After consultation with St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, the Aquinas Institute of Theology has canceled its annual Aquinas Lecture for 2008.

The Rev. Peter Phan, a Georgetown University professor and former president of the Theological Society of America, was scheduled to give the prestigious lecture in about three weeks.

Phan's 2004 book, "Being Religious Interreligiously: Asian Perspectives on Interfaith Dialogue," is being investigated by the Roman Catholic bishops in the U.S. and by the Vatican. A document issued in early December by U.S. bishops publicly called into question the orthodoxy of Phan's book.

The Rev. Richard Peddicord, the Dominican seminary's new president, said Wednesday that he spoke to Burke twice about Phan and decided to cancel the lecture.

"Our judgment here was that the potential was too great that the Aquinas Lecture would be given over to that whole controversy," Peddicord said. "Given the concerns about his work, the publicity and bishops' statement, the purpose of the lecture would not have been served."

Peddicord said Burke did not ask the school to revoke Phan's invitation. But other than to say Burke was "very gracious," Peddicord would not go into details about their conversations.

Friends-- consistent, solid, faithful, pastoral leadership.  Our beloved Archbishop is indeed on a roll.  Keep him in your prayers.


athanasius_magnus said...

I am truly amazed and overjoyed at the fact that an organization such as the Aquinas Institute made a decision based upon the Archbishop's counsel. It is rather unfortunate that I even need to be overjoyed at all, for every situation under his care should be decided as such. However, as we all know, this is NOT the norm, and therefore these circumstances of obedience to the Church become few and far between. Nonetheless, the Aquinas Institute (which can, at times, be questionable in their obedience to the Church) gets a gold star on this one for respecting the authority and wisdom of our dear Archbishop. May everyone in the Archdiocese learn from this example!

Fr. Andy said...

A special nod should go to Fr. Peddicord for making what is a tough decision for an incoming president. He had nothing to do with booking Phan and had to withdraw the invitation, which might make him the target of many. Keep this faithful priest in your prayers.

Br. Andrew, OP

thetimman said...

Brother Andrew, thanks for the information, which is certainly relevant, and I will keep Fr. Peddicord and you, too, in my prayers. Thank you for your vocation.

thetimman said...

Athanasius, good point.