29 January 2008

Story about "Possible Reconciliation" of Fr. Bozek--Updated 01/30/08

But don't get too excited. The story is about Fr. Bozek's plan to offer a compromise to His Grace at the "meeting" on Tuesday. Based on past history, it may be too much to hope that the reconciliation involves a public apology and public penance, leading to the proper administration of the parish by the Archdiocese.

The Springfield News-Leader has the article:

Priest, archbishop to meet about possible reconciliation

Linda Leicht News-Leader staff

A priest who has been in a two-year battle with the Catholic Church in Missouri will finally meet with the state’s archbishop next week.

The Rev. Marek Bozek will meet with Archbishop Raymond Burke on Tuesday morning when he will make an offer of reconciliation that he hopes will end a dispute over his status as a priest and the status of the parish he serves.

Bozek, who walked away from his position in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau two years ago to serve the St. Stanislaus Kostka parish in St. Louis, recently received a letter from Burke who said he had started the process of stripping the Polish-born priest of his clerical status. Shortly after Bozek stepped in as pastor of St. Stanislaus, Burke informed the priest and members of the church board that they had been automatically excommunicated for schism. That action has been appealed to the Vatican.

St. Stanislaus has fought with the archdiocese over control of its assets for years. After Burke withdrew pastoral support at the church, the board asked Bozek to come on as pastor. When Bozek accepted the position he did so in defiance of orders from his own bishop, John Leibrecht, and Burke. Bozek also participated in an ordination ceremony of two Catholic women as priests last year. The Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to serve as clergy.

Bozek said he is scheduled to meet with Burke at 9 a.m., and he has asked supporters in St. Louis to stand outside the archdiocesan headquarters to pray during the meeting. He said he will arrive at about 8:50 a.m. to pray with his supporters before going in for the meeting.

Bozek would not reveal what he will say to the archbishop, but said he would “make an offer ... of reconciliation to both parties.” Following the appointment, he said, he will discuss the results of the meeting and the offer.


Update: the News-Leader has added somewhat to the story above, including a megalomanical quote from Bozek.

In an e-mail to supporters, Bozek wrote: "It will give me strength of spirit to know that you are praying for me right there, just outside the windows, while I face my accusers."

Bozek hopes his situation will encourage Catholics who disagree with the positions of church leadership to speak up.

He said he knows his stance makes him appear to defy church leadership, but he remains resolute.

He said his parish, which has grown from about 120 members to 500 families since he arrived, continues to support him. One parish member recently reassured him by reminding him of the biblical story of David and Goliath, Bozek said.

"We all know how that turned out."
This is an example of Bozek trying to frame the "meeting" as an olive branch by him, so that when he fails to respond to the opportunity the Archbishop is giving him to repent and to submit to legitimate authority, he can trumpet to the media that the "bully" wouldn't listen to reason.

You will recall that his email sounded the ominous note that it would be "imprudent" for the Archbishop to reject his compromise-to-come.

The protest and media circus outside will be his modern-day opportunity to post his 0.95 theses-- if he has that many to offer. There seems to be something fishy about the whole thing.

I hope I am wrong.


48er said...

While at the Hill Schnuck's today, I saw a green Honda Element, the rear window of which was painted with the words, 'Archbishop Burke can kiss my Polish Dupa (ass?)! Save St. Stan's! and God Bless Father Bozek!' I then looked down at the vehicle's bumper and saw gay pride type stickers.

I thought to myself, "Gee, this person can say whatever he or she wants about His Excellency because every time he or she has sex, they commit a mortal sin." Scandalizing the Archbishop is the least of this degenerate's worries. Another fine member of St. Cronan's, I'd venture.

Anyone up for a counter demonstration in support of our beloved Archbishop? I think I'm going to go.

PS- Moderator, On the Fisheater forum regarding the Archbishop, of course I meant the 'former'. I was so TO'd with the thread, I forgot to edit myself. Mea culpa.

Steve W said...

They did a "story" on Fox 2's Newsedge last night, framing the issue as a fight of who will control St. Stan's "assets".

Hooray local media!