15 January 2008


The Arch City Chronicle is reporting an item of which I had heard--I was waiting for some further confirmation in addition to my original source before posting on it: Fr. Gerald Kleba of the St. Cronan "Pastoral Team" (read: Pastor) is to appear at the Chancery today, as well as Sister Louise Lears, to discuss the now infamous Rabbi Talve/St. Cronan vespers/women priestesses event in Advent.

Many wondered at the time of the vespers protest what role, if any, the pastor had, and whether there was any particular reason he himself did not attend.

I have a high level of confidence in this story's accuracy, but I still consider it as not fully confirmed, so caveat emptor.


Father G said...

Wouldn't that be "Caveat Lector"?

thetimman said...

point taken-- I was going for the "if you buy it" angle.