25 January 2008

While Majerus was Blabbing, and Channel 4 was Scandal-mongering, Where was Archbishop Burke?

Marching for Life, of course!

The above photo was posted by seminarian Jeff Geerling at the Matthew 12:37 blog. He posts a nice story with great pictures of the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary contingent at the annual March for Life.

God bless the Archbishop. He not only talks the talk, he literally walks the walk. Scoffers take note: His Grace is no hypocrite.

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Jeff Geerling said...

After posting that on my site, I read through some of the discussions on the STLtoday website, and noticed a particular comment, along the lines of: "I never hear Archbishop Burke talking about Jesus... that's right, because he's always disciplining people!"

The problem is, that commenter is prey to the problem a lot of people fall into these days: a narrow vision, guided only by either (a) the media, (b) their friends, or (c) both.

I read through a lot of books, articles, etc. that I don't agree with, but I feel like I can understand where people are coming from better by doing so. I appreciate the fact that I usually see very well-balanced opinions expressed on this blog, and I sincerely wish more people would try to do the same.