27 January 2008

You Won't See Items Like These on Posters for Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools Week, and you may see bulletins and news stories around town with fresh-faced, beaming young children with minds eager to learn, and possibly some photos of rosaries, Masses and other Catholic activities.  Great.

But I doubt you will see copies of letters to the editor about the Majerus-Burke story that display the practical effect of this education on those who choose to write.  As I said before, nearly every time a letter to the editor begins with "I went to 12 years of Catholic school" or "I was taught by the nuns who loved to beat children" or "I grew up before Vatican 2 changed the Church into a veritable utopia" or other such pablum, you can count on an anti-Catholic screed to follow.  At best, these products of the Catholic school system evidence that, at least for them, Catholic educational system was an abject failure on its own terms.  They don't know the faith, and to the extent they do, they oppose it, all the while thinking this makes them good Catholics.

If it weren't so sadly indicative of where the Church went off the rails in Catholic education, it would be funny.  But it isn't, I'm afraid.  Where is the overwhelming tidal wave of support for a good Archbishop who is being calumniated by the secular press?

Take just one letter from this Saturday's Post-Dispatch as an example:

As a Catholic who attended 17 years of Catholic schools in Archbishop Raymond Burke's old Wisconsin diocese and then the Wisconsin university where Rick Majerus once coached, I feel like I'm among acquaintances, if not friends.  I'm 73 now and although I missed the Spanish Inquisition by five centuries, it seems as if an inquisition has started again.  Archbishop Burke has besmirched the reputations of politicians and entertainers, and now a coach (not to mention quite a few Protestants, such as the Danforths).  Yet, amazingly, he once said denial of communion is not a judgment.  He said, referring to John Kerry, "...the state of his soul is between God and him."  And the same article said that some U.S. bishops interpret church teaching to say that an individual examination of conscience, not a minister, should dictate whether a person is worthy to receive the sacrament.

As a Hillary Clinton supporter, I share this story:  A friend of mine in Wisconsin in 2004 went to the local Catholic priest and said, "You won't be able to give me communion anymore, father: I voted for John Kerry!"  The priest said, "Don't worry about it.  I did, too."

Only God-- not the archbishop-- knows what resides in Mr. Majerus's heart and his soul.

(This is a real letter-- I left out the writer's name out of charity to him.)

Memo to Catholic schools-- this isn't the spokesman you're looking for to raise money for your cause.


wolftracker said...

Good post.

I love the part where the letter writer says:

"Only God-- not the archbishop-- knows what resides in Mr. Majerus's heart and his soul."

Of course, all of us know at least some of what is in the Coach's heart since he is so glad to share it--especially the "pro-choice" part.

All those little tricks at the beginning of the letter and then to end with something so vapid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the letter writer in every aspect save one -- I am a supporter of Senator Obama. The archbishop lives in a world where bishops were feudal lords and the faithful serfs payed, prayed and obeyed.

BTW, I proudly sport an Obama button and have never been denied Communion at any Catholic church.

thetimman said...

anon, I suppose WT's comments would apply to your position as well. I pray you learn about the faith that you so publicly oppose, and that you convert.

Latinmassgirl said...


I hope you are the same person who ranted about the unfair display of the Hillary photo because if there are two of you, I shall be grief-stricken.

PLEASE understand that publicly saying you support the slaughter on innocent human beings is in itself a mortal sin! Thus, no communion with the Holy Catholic church which opposes burning, or slicing or sucking up unborn babies out of their mother's womb. YES, I repeat, burning them alive with chemicals, tearing their flesh apart with a vacuum like apparatus, or delivering them and then stabbing them is the back of the head!

Do you have no heart! If Hitler were around today, would you wear a "yeah Hitler" button to mass and go to communion? Do you not care that it is a human life being snuffed out in the most innocent, helpless of times, or do you know nothing about science and think the baby is just a TUMOR!

JBQ said...

Cardinal Burke was "abrasive". However, the truth is often abrasive and he had the authority to point out shortocmings to such as Majerus. The good cardinal caused so much "ill will" that his enemies gathered together like the Sanhedrin and went to the Vatican to have him removed and then crucified.