28 February 2008

Problems with Pro-Quad Vaccine

All too often, vaccines are rushed to production, and then are made legally mandatory by State officials, before sufficient safety studies are done. This AP story concerns the pro-quad vaccine, which combines the varicella and mmr vaccines; this vaccine is derived from aborted fetal cell lines.

Kids Vaccine Linked to Fever, Seizures

By MIKE STOBBE – 14 hours ago

ATLANTA (AP) — Children suffered higher rates of fever-related convulsions when they got a Merck & Co. combination vaccine instead of two separate shots, according to a new study presented Wednesday.

The results prompted a federal advisory panel on vaccines to water down their preference for the combo vaccine ProQuad, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella as well as chickenpox.

In the study of children ages 12 months through 23 months, the rate of seizures was twice as high in toddlers who got ProQuad, compared with those who got one shot for chickenpox and one for the three other diseases.

The risk translates to about one extra case of convulsion for every 2,000 doses of ProQuad given said Dr. Nicola Klein, who lead the federally funded study. She presented the data at a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The study focused on children who develop fevers and then go into convulsions — an occurrence that frightens parents but usually has no lingering consequences. There were no deaths in the new study.

ProQuad was licensed in 2005. It's been in extremely short supply since last year, when Merck suspended production because of manufacturing problems. The company expects to resume ProQuad production next year.

ProQuad costs $124 per dose, about the same as the two other shots combined.


David P. said...

Lets be clear that the vaccine is not currently produced from aborted fetuses. A strain of the antivirus was cultivated from a single aborted baby in 1964 that already had Rubella. It's clear that this antivirus could be obtained by other means now but it's simply that this particular original strain is still cultivated. Not saying ends justify the means but this should be made clear... Also not defending all vaccination practices here, but facts are our friends.. We look stupid without them.

thetimman said...

David P., thanks for the cautionary advice. Facts certainly are our friends.

The MMR vaccine was developed using lines RA273 and WI-38. Here is some info about WI-38, from the Children of God for Life site:

"In 1964 Hayflick would again report on his findings with the newest aborted fetal cell line, WI-38. [7] A bit of history is in order on this abortion, whose tissue would be collected from the lungs of a female baby at 3 months gestation The reporting by Stanley Plotkin on the abortion when he was asked about the inherent dangers of using human cell lines in vaccine production due to the possibility of viral agents and human genetic material passed over into the recipient of the vaccine is as follows:

“This fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose. Both parents are known, and unfortunately for the story, they are married to each other, still alive and well, and living in Stockholm, presumably. The abortion was done because they felt they had too many children. There were no familial diseases in the history of either parent, and no history of cancer specifically in the families.” [8]

It is important to understand that whether the mother aborted her child for this reason or not is really inconsequential to this discussion, since as we have noted, she is only one of three players involved in an evil act. It was most certainly the intention of the abortionist and researchers to secure additional fetal tissue needed for vaccine cultivation and Dr. Sven Gard accomplished that. And as we read above, the fetus was actually chosen for this specific purpose. For the record, it should be noted that Dr. Gard already had intimate ties to the Wistar Institute having taken his sabbatical there in 1959, the exact time of Hayflick’s initial research on the first 19 aborted fetal cell lines."

Now, in the end, of course, the reason why this child was killed doesn't really matter. It also doesn't matter that the facts, which are our friends, show that the baby was aborted as a "surplus" child.

The moral evil involved in this procured abortion exists regardless of the year of the abortion. I urge you to check out the site www.cogforlife.org.