26 February 2008

Victim Mentality

I have been sitting on a story about the St. Cronan's situation, as that parish not only careens off of the cliff of schism but takes pride in so doing.

I have so far declined to run it, for a few reasons. First, it is unseemly, and puts the subject/author of the item in question in a sad and unflattering light. The material was put into the public stream by that person, but still, it does not have the effect on the reader that is intended. Secondly, it strikes me that as the situation progresses the persons involved take greater and greater delight in playing the martyrs. As AMDG posts, this has even become a literal (and comical, too, for that matter) reality. Also, as the situation develops there appears to be a tendency, or perhaps a strategy, of flaunting disobedience, disrespect and dissent in order to force a response from the chancery. To what end, I know not, but I am not anxious to assist them.

It is tough to deal with this whole issue.

On the one hand, it is certainly news affecting the Catholic Church in St. Louis, and the public statements and actions of the dissenters are fair game. More importantly, the public heterodoxy and inducement to error contained in these statements and actions call for a public refutation, and for a defense of the faith. However, once this defense is done, and people of good will are alerted to the errors and puerile nonsense of these people, and yet they still drone on, there reaches a point of tediousness. Is this what they are really after? To so irritate people that eventually no one will want to take the trouble of checking them?

I pray for their conversion, and for them to reconcile with the Church. But viewed from a purely temporal lens, it does seem bleak. How can someone repent when they cannot acknowledge that they need to repent? When they can't admit they have done anything wrong?

If they don't believe what the Church teaches, why not leave? Because no one will give them press if they are protestant denomination number 32, 341? Because they hate the Church and wish to destroy it? Because self-actualization is their religious creed, and the Catholic Church is merely the host organism?

A little intellectual honesty, and a dose of humility, would go a long way. Until then, I wait for some real news before giving them another reason to feel put upon.

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Anonymous said...

Good work Tim for sitting on your other story. I think it's best just to let the Archbishop do the job at this point.

As we can see in the AMDG Post, Fr. Kleba in his pastor's letter to his flock at St. Cronan's compares himself to Aquinas, Galileo and Murray.

Since Fr. Gerry Kleba thinks that he and Sr. Louise share so much with Aquinas, Galileo and John Courtney Murray then let us make a more exact comparison.

1.) Galileo, Thomas, Murray: Defended their positions with vigorous and searching logic employing a courtly and generous style of address.

Kleba and Lears have never in this current discussion ever used anything but ad hominum address and whining.

2.) Galileo, Thomas, and Murray when ordered by their religious superiors to be quiet, obeyed.

Kleba and Murray think obedience is a form of patriarchal sinfulness.

3.) Galileo, Thomas and Murray while they disagreed with their bishops and pontiffs, never attempted to unravel the entire episcopal structure of the Church.

Kleba and Lears believe that the point of their rebellion is to create a church without an episcopal heirarchy.

4.) Galileo, Thomas and Murray never deliberately embarrassed their superiors by holding "prayer demonstrations" with Jewish abortion supporters during Advent.

Lears did exactly that and Fr. Kleba in a cowardly manner hid from his flock.

I'm still eager to hear of the generous, dignified arguments of Kleba and LEars. But all I can find are their viscious denunciations of anyone Catholic who belongs to regular parishes lacking the Lears / Kleba special insight into the Gospel.

I've finally found out the big reason Kleba and Lears are so different from Aquinas, Galileo and Murray. They are just too good for those Catholics too.