25 March 2008


In the course of running this blog, I get a ton of great questions.  Over the last few months, I have begun to collect them in the hopes that a centralized "Frequently Asked Questions" page would be a helpful resource for readers.  The most popular questions received so far are answered below.

Why did you start this blog?

It was a penance from a particularly severe confessor.

What was your inspiration for the name of the blog?

I really love St. Louis style pizza, and it occurred to me that this love was fairly "universal", or "catholic".  It's funny how many people don't know that.

Which topics in the arena of Catholicism do you most enjoy discussing on your blog?

Well, Bozek that's a tough Bozek question.  You see Bozek, there are so many Bozek wonderful Bozek things happening in the Bozek Church today, from the Bozek resurgence of the traditional Bozek Mass to the strong and inspirational Bozek leadership of our beloved Holy Father and Archbishop Burke; from Bozek life Bozek issues inherent from Bozek conception to death to Bozek local Catholic Bozek events.  So, I really couldn't Bozek narrow it down.  Bozek Bozek Bozek Bozek.  Womenpriests.

I've noticed that your "currently reading/recently read" book list is quite lengthy and filled with books of which I've never heard.  Have you really read all these books or are you just putting us on?


Who are your favorite saints?

Well, the Blessed Mother is the Queen of All Saints, and in addition to my patrons I am devoted to Sts. Thomas Aquinas, Francis de Sales, Therese of Lisieux, Edmund Campion, Pius V, and Pius X. But perhaps as a role model St. Marcarius the hermit is more my speed.  I read in the Magnificat magazine a few years back that Marcarius was a hermit but who liked to spend time with other hermits, tried to fast but would eat when he got hungry and who would remain silent unless he needed to talk.  In my facile analysis, he is the patron saint of the decent effort. And may he forgive my attempt at humor just now!

Do you have a real job?

That is a matter of subjective interpretation, depending on whom you ask.  And, sometimes, when you ask them.  I am a little unclear on this issue myself.

Who are your favorite bloggers?

I am obliged under the terms of a yet-to-be-executed marriage dowry contract to say that Wolftracker over at Kansas City Catholic is my absolute favorite.

Are you worried that your content might get you in hot water?

No.  But I will say that if I ever receive a canonical admonition and summons from the Archbishop, I, unlike some, would show up as directed, and without the press.

You're so pretentious and smug.  Who do you think you are?

I think what you meant to say is, "Whom do you think you are?"

You're not the Pope.

You're probably right, but do you know for sure?

Where do you get your extremist views?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Do you attend the novus ordo

Not if I can help it.

Why is that?

Because I have the right to attend any Church-approved rite, or form of rite, of Mass and thankfully I have the privilege to have the traditional Mass nearby.  For me, three-and-a-half decades of regular novus ordo attendance couldn't withstand three-and-a-half traditional Masses.

You're so divisive, man.

Is there a question there?

How do you serve cajun pork?

That's a trick question.  You don't.

Do you work for the Archdiocese?

I'm not on the payroll if that's what you mean.  But in a sense, every Catholic in St. Louis should work for the good of the Archdiocese.

Jesus loved everybody, man.

Thanks for the reminder!

How do I cancel my subscription to Saint Louis Catholic?  And where's my refund?

Good questions!  If you find out the answers, please let me know, too.


Rae said...

In regard to the "Who do you think you are?" bit:
It is my belief that, in this instance, the use of "Who" might be grammatically correct!

Why? In order to clarify the sentence structure, one might (though it would sound awkward) rewrite this question as "You think that you are who?" Here we see that "[Y]ou are who" is a subordinate clause, the object of the "You think" subject and verb. Within this clause, "are" operates as a linking verb, directly identifying the subject "you" with "who," both of which refer to the same person (Timman, the subject of the clause).

After all, to ask "Whom are you?" would be incorrect; while "Who are you?" would be the proper construction. Similarly, the reply "It is me" would be incorrect, while "It is I" is correct.

So, oddly enough, I suspect that "Who do you think you are?" actually might be grammatical, while "Whom do you think you are?" could be incorrect..!

Of course, I've been wrong before. And I'm also pretentious and smug. :)

Anonymous said...


thetimman said...

Rae, nice exposition, can't disagree. I think that a truly pretentious person would "correct" the grammar of a person with incorrect grammar. What do you think?


wolftracker said...

Re: "I am obliged under the terms of a yet-to-be-executed marriage dowry contract to say that Wolftracker over at Kansas City Catholic is my absolute favorite."

Well, I am obliged by the same contract to respond in comments that The Timman over at Saint Louis Catholic is my absolute favorite whenever the topic comes up. I can only add that it is no burden for me to say it. I only hope that some find it divisive of me to say so.

C.P. (who's porkchop, btw? What's up w/ the meat monikers?) said...

Nominative case.
Good thing your wife does the Bozek homeschooling.

Anonymous said...

Please explain what "St. Louis-style pizza" is all about. Summer is coming up and I will (God Willing) be on the East Coast for some of that time, and I want to try out some new recipes on family and friends.


Porkchop said...

Porkchop is my cat. She loves provel cheese, which is found on St. Louis style pizza, which also is notable for its thin and crispy crust.

Anonymous said...

I see. Actually, that sort of pizza is making a big hit in New York right now. There are some gourmet kitchens that are making it over wood-fired ovens. It is a very light and refreshing sort of pizza.

But it's a little tough to make it that way; the dough tends to get burned, and the result is due in large part to the amount of moisture in the air. Summertime on the east coast is a notoriously humid affair, which makes it difficult to get the dough right.

Anyway, I'll see if I can make it.