31 March 2008

Links for the Consecration of Bishop Johnston

I received the following email from a reader concerning the Consecration of Springfield Bishop Johnston today (that's his coat of arms above):
I hope you either had a chance to watch, or will be able to watch, the
ordination today in Springfield. (it's supposed to be available on the
diocesan website for the next month -


It was beautiful and your Archbishop Burke did a fantastic job and
gave Bishop Johnston a wonderful and challenging homily on what it
means to be a Bishop. More than just the words, it was backed up by
the real life actions of a loving shepherd who has taken on this
challenge with humility and charity. Bishop Johnston, in his closing
address, even mentioned that it was the most beautiful homily he'd
ever heard.
The Diocesan website has some good information as well.


Jeremy said...

They still don't have the video posted, but they added a link to a slideshow of images.


Here is some coverage by the Springfield News-Leader:

And their photo gallery:

Jeremy said...

Abp Burke's homily...

"In the Church entrusted to you, be a faithful steward, moderator, and guardian of the mysteries of Christ. As one chosen by the Father to rule over His family, be mindful always of the Good Shepherd, Who knows His sheep and is known by them, and Who did not hesitate to lay down His life for them.] In a society which has grown so pervasively secular and forgetful of God, your teaching and governance will be counter-cultural, and will encounter resistance and even rejection. Surely, you will suffer for teaching the truth of the faith and for applying the discipline required for the practice of the faith. Trust that what you suffer in doing God's will for you and the Church will bring countless graces to the flock in your care and to the whole Body of Christ. Never give way to doubt and discouragement. By your steadfast obedience to the teaching and discipline of Christ in the Church, you will unite your flock to Him Who alone is the source of their joy and peace."