29 April 2008


Why is a Catholic parish publicizing the CAN sponsored, so-called "Lay Synod: A Time for Courage" in its bulletin?

Why would a parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis advertise an event where the excommunicated and schismatic priest Marek Bozek is a featured speaker?

Why would this Catholic parish not warn its members that the Catholic Action Network, the event's titular sponsor, dissents from infallible Church teaching about the impossibility of women's ordination?

Why? Because it's St. Cronan's.

St. Peter of Verona, pray for us.


CP said...

Everytime I peruse St. Cronan's bulletin I look and I look and I look for SOME mention of a pro-life group. Does one exist or not? They have a group on an overpass in Soulard protesting the Iraq war...

Anonymous said...

Check out the St. Cronan's website. It's so devoted to left-wing "group-think" that it might as well be a kiosk in the U-City Loop.

St. Cronan's is the only parish which has completely given itself over to the proposition that the very definition of Catholicism is being pacifist and gay, or at least transgendered.

They call this social outreach. But in fact their reach only goes as far as Soulard or the Central West End.

Sorry, but that kind of "outreach" leaves a lot of people out of the Universal Church.

These guys are no different than Calvinists who glory in the knowledge of their special "election".

Oh, I know, their chant is "who else reaches out to the poor, the gay, the colored". Nobody but us. Fact is the whole Catholic Church has been doing this for about 20 Centuries.

Problem is St. Cronan's thinks they are the only ones who practice charity. They have been too busy patting themselves on the back to notice that they are not the only Catholics in the world.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame anyone at St. Cronan's. Blame Archbishop Burke. He could stop all this, but never has, and probably never will. Neither did Archbishop Rigali. Things are just as bad at St. Francis Xavier parish. But nothing is ever done. The popes have known all about this too for years, because people are constantly writing them letters. Still, they do nothing.

thetimman said...

Anon, who knows where the situation will end, Church-governance-wise. But the parishioners and pastor of St. Cronan's could make it stop whenever they have the will to do so.

It's not hard-- Fr. says, no, we can't post that in the bulletin. No, we can't have women-led liturgies in our church building. And so on.

Then, he gives homilies explaining the Church's teaching-- why it is taught, why it is true.

Then he leads.

Anonymous said...

The women-led "liturgies" at least have been moved elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Is a parish less Catholic because it has no official pro-Life group? Is a parish less Catholic without an active chapter of St. Vincent de Paul, a Food Pantry, an outreach to the homeless, the shut-in, the elderly, the mentally ill? Is a parish less Catholic if it does not feed the hungry and clothe the naked? What about prison ministry? What about fighting for those unjustly held on death row?

We are one body with many parts, aren't we?

Must we all respond to Christ's call in precisely the same way?

Does not the label "pro-Life" include all life which is threatened by selfishness, by violence, by a culture of death that threatens the unborn, the war-torn, the age-trodden?

You guessed it,
A Cronan parishioner

CP said...

So, St. Cronan's parishoner, your diatribe leads me to believe the answer is no, there is no anti-abortion group? If your parish is so committed to the downtrodden, then why not fight to protect the most innocent of lives who are slaughtered in MUCH larger numbers than those in Iraq and wrongly imprisoned?

Since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 there have been 1,099 (wikipedia) executions. Since the beginning of the Iraq war there have been 4064 US deaths (icasualties.org).

There are approximately 1,700,000 US babies killed PER YEAR by abortion (abortionfacts.com). THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!

So, I will actually answer YOUR question. When a parish pushes an agenda completely contrary to the basic teachings of the Catholic Church it is most definitely "less Catholic." In fact, when a parish continues to be completely ANTI-Church (you may call it the establishment) it CEASES to be Catholic.

Your parish is as Catholic as the Protestant church down the street.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break!

This so called Catholic church is NOT, I repeat NOT faithful to the Church and should be in my oponion CLOSED ASAP, or at least made known to the faithful of the Archdiocese to stay away from this place. Myself and others walked out just last Sunday, because of the junk that was going on. By calling themselves Catholic they are deceiving people. The sign should be removed from this place. I went there not knowing, and it was NOT catholic. I wouldn't even call it protestant. I was able to take a photo and have written a letter to the Archbishops office with the photo. Enough is enough!

Thank you St. Louis Catholic blog for keeping this in the lime light. They must be exposed! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Anon, what was going on that you took a photo of it???