06 May 2008

Archbishop Burke Named to Two Vatican Posts--UPDATED

Today, the Holy Father has named Archbishop Burke to the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, and has also named His Grace to the Congregation for the Clergy. His presence on both bodies will benefit the Church due to his canonical expertise, steadfastness and pastoral care.

From the Vatican Bolletino:

Il Santo Padre ha nominato Membri del Pontificio Consiglio per i Testi Legislativi gli Em.mi Cardinali: Giovanni Battista Re, Prefetto della Congregazione per i Vescovi; Ivan Dias, Prefetto della Congregazione per l’Evangelizzazione dei Popoli; Lluís Martinez Sistach, Arcivescovo di Barcelona; Oswald Gracias, Arcivescovo di Bombay; William Joseph Levada, Prefetto della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede; Leonardo Sandri, Prefetto della Congregazione per le Chiese Orientali; e gli Ecc.mi Monsignori: John Joseph Myers, Arcivescovo di Newark; Raymond Leo Burke, Arcivescovo di Saint Louis.

Il Papa ha nominato Membri della Congregazione per il Clero gli Em.mi Cardinali: Polycarp Pengo, Arcivescovo di Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania); Marc Ouellet, Arcivescovo di di Québec (Canada); Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino, Arcivescovo di Caracas (Venezuela); e gli Ecc.mi Monsignori: Tomash Peta, Arcivescovo di Maria Santissima in Astana (Kazakhstan); Raymond Leo Burke, Arcivescovo di Saint Louis (Stati Uniti d’America); Willem Jacobus Eijk, Arcivescovo di Utrecht (Paesi Bassi).

Congratulations, your Grace!
UPDATE: Thanks to the tip from Deo Volente in the comments box, the story has been picked up by CNA and Zenit.


doughboy said...

tick tock tick tock ....

his grace's days in st. louis are numbered, i fear. but good for him! i wish we could keep him here once he's elevated.

Deo volente said...

CNA is covering this story as well; it is linked to my blog. I wish H.E. my most sincere congratulations! He is clearly valued immeasurably at the Vatican to be given two such posts.

Laus Deo!

Principium Unitatis said...

Congratulations to Archbishop Burke! For selfish reasons, I hope he stays here in STL. But, I would rather see him where he can be most effective for the good of the Church, even if it means the loss of his presence locally. What a blessing he has been to the Church here, standing up boldly for orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican appointments for Archbishop Burke are just wonderful! There will be some needed changes in the Church now! And hopefully someday he will be the pope!

Anonymous said...

2 notes:
(1) Where is that picture from? If it was directly related to the story, why is Bp. Finn in the photo?
(2) When are they going to get Abp. Burke his red hat?

Anonymous said...

Now you all know how we felt in the Diocese of La Crosse when we could see that the good archbishop was going places.

Congratulations to His Excellency. We are proud of our native Wisconsinite. :oD

thetimman said...

wholly roamin', that picture was taken at the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest priestly ordinations in St. Louis last year. Bishop Finn and Bishop Perry were there. The other two priests are Fr. Jacques Fournier, previously vicar at St. Francis de Sales, and Fr. Andreas Hellman of the ICRSP.

Milking Mommy, don't rub it in. I continue to live in a fantasy world where His Grace is made Cardinal while remaining in St. Louis until the next conclave when he is crowned Pope. Don't mess with the dream. ;-)