29 May 2008

CDF Issues Decree: Women Who Attempt to Receive Ordination and Those Who Attempt to Ordain Them Incur Automatic Excommunication

The Latin :-) text is below; the first paragraph deals with the Code of Canon Law relevant to the Latin Rite, and the second paragraph is identical in effect, dealing with the Eastern Churches. Signed by Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the CDF. It states that both the women attempting to receive ordination and anyone trying to confect ordination on them incur excommunication, latae sententiae, reserved to the Apostolic See.

This ends all doubt as to the correctness of the Archbishop's recent actions, but I doubt it will cause a wholesale change of heart. It is something to pray for, though.

Congregatio Pro Doctrina Fidei

Decretum generale

de delicto attentatae sacrae ordinationis mulieris

Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, ad naturam et validitatem sacramenti sacri ordinis tuendam, vigore specialis facultatis sibi a suprema Ecclesiae auctoritate in casu tributae (cfr can. 30 Codicis Iuris Canonici), in Congregatione Ordinaria diei 19 Decembris 2007, decrevit: Firmo praescripto can. 1378 Codicis Iuris Canonici, tum quicumque sacrum ordinem mulieri conferre, tum mulier quae sacrum ordinem recipere attentaverit, in excommunicationem latae sententiae Sedi Apostolicae reservatam incurrit.

Si vero qui mulieri sacrum ordinem conferre vel mulier quae sacrum ordinem recipere attentaverit, christifidelis fuerit Codici Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium subiectus, firmo praescripto can. 1443 eiusdem Codicis, excommunicatione maiore puniatur, cuius remissio etiam reservatur Sedi Apostolicae (cfr can. 1423 Codicis Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium).

Hoc decretum cum in L'Osservatore Romano evulgabitur, statim vigere incipiet.

Gulielmus Cardinalis Levada

Angelus Amato, s.d.b.
Archiep. titularis Silensis
a Secretis


Anonymous said...

The Latin text. Not the Italian text.

Father G said...

That text is in Latin not Italian.

thetimman said...

Of course-- Latin. I meant to type Latin, but I typed Italian. I am now exposed in all my moron-itude.

It has been a long day. Thanks for the correction. I will edit the post.