19 May 2008

Communion Poll Results

Thank you once again to all who responded to the poll on your preferred method of receiving Holy Communion.  The results were surprising to me, and encouraging to boot.

Kneeling, on the tongue--  48 (39%)

Standing, on the tongue--  44 (36%)

Standing, in the hand--       27 (22%)

Self-communication--         3 (2%)

This indicates that 75% of readers receive Holy Communion on the tongue, which I was surprised to see.  I realize that regular readers of this blog will probably tend to more traditional praxis, or else be constantly irritated (or both?), but still, this is encouragingly high. It is also interesting to note that Ree and Elsie's congregation has grown by 50% to 3 total people.

New poll up soon.


Anonymous said...

Very encouraging indeed. It would help
to announce the polls, though, as I
missed the last one. I'm not always
paying attention to your blog's



Anonymous said...


Here is an interesting sidelight to your poll.

How many of your readers take Communion by hand, occasionally, because they are afraid the priest or minister will drop the Host otherwise?

For this reason I always avoid the Eucharistic minister. One senses his or her visible distaste for the traditional placement of the sacrament. I'm afraid they'll botch the job. I've had a few close calls.

And what's more, there are some priests who I don't trust to get it on my tongue without a mishap.

I happen to be tall so a short priest will sometimes find it hard to reach me.

All this goes to show the labors a traditional Catholic must take to maintain the small things of the Faith.

Hey, here's a poll idea?

How many of your readers cross themselves when they walk or drive past a Catholic Church? For those of our readers who don't know what I mean please rent "A Bronx Tale" starring Robert DeNiro. The pious busdriver fights to keep his little son from becoming a mafioso. He crosses himself when he drives his bus past a church.


thetimman said...

Erick, I did actually announce this poll, but I forgive you for not reading every day!


excellent points, all.

Fr. Andrew said...

I think I may be the third member in "Ree and Elsie's congregation." At least I think I voted in your poll, though I don't remember for sure.

Fr. Andrew said...

Although that would be the only resemblance to them. Not that we self-communicate, because they don't have the Eucharist, but that we clicked the same button.

Anonymous said...

I'm really not that surprised. I'm MORE surprised that you have readers that self-communicate and/or receive from women priestess'. That's a good sign! If they are frequenting your site maybe they will see something on here to help them convert back to the true teachings of the Church.

thetimman said...

Father, I remembered too late to have an answer for priests-- who of course have to do the job themselves. :-)

Although I wouldn't doubt there are "progressive" parishes out there where the priest would prefer to receive from an EMHC. You know, for solidarity purposes.

Fr. Andrew said...

As a deacon I had to experience this at an uncle's funeral, where the priest, God love him, said, "And then we'll go bring the Eucharist [they never call it the Sacrament!] and, as a sign of our hospitality, we'll not receive until after everyone else and then the sacristan will administer communion to us." Cripes!

My cousin, mourning his dad, didn't even have kneelers, so told him I would make sure to follow my rubrics as a Deacon kneel, but for my cousin.

How about as a sign of hospitality we give the faithful a licit Mass? Nah, too radical. Sorry, rant over.

Striving to do the red and say the black...