10 May 2008

I Give Up

This is my due for not being a scout.  Enough readers have written and commented to tell me that I am all wet on my last post about the reverent Mass caption to make me see the light.  As one reader said, if there is veiled dig in the caption it is hidden behind a very well-known cultural reference to the scout creed.

I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

Well as one who was never a Scout, I can say that I had the same thought as you when I looked at the picture and read the caption.

Don't give up, stand firm and know that an equal number of your readers adn the St. Louis Review's were never Scouts. Perhaps a better caption would have been

"Scouts reverent in Mass and in everyday life!"

Anonymous said...

You know, this is YOUR blog. . .you can say whatever you want on it! People don't have to agree with what you say and when they have some insight on a matter, constructive criticism and objective discussions are good. Throwing daggers. . .bad. I enjoy your posts. . .especially the short ones! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim (?),

As an Eagle Scout, I understood your post well. You were, coming from H.E. Ranjith's quote, questioning the use of the word "reverent." How many Catholics are even aware that statement by the Secretary for the CDW exists, let alone have read it? I am aware it exists, and perhaps a few other correspondents.

So, our (I know my) intention was to let you know that the Scout Law was the source of the heading. The comments you have allowed that thread suggest that you were unfamiliar with Scouting. As you did not mention it, you opened yourself to correction.

Your point, though, has nothing to do with Scouting. Your point is that you dislike the reception of Holy Communion in the hand. As serving as an EMHC at a Scout camp, I followed the chaplain's lead and told some scouts that I would not place the Eucharist in their quite dirty hands, but that I was willing to place Him on their tongues. No problem, just poor catechesis.

So, Tim, you are not "all wet" regarding your last post. Your "dig" came out of ignorance, but was not against Scouting but against poor catechesis and your distaste for the reception of the Eucharist via hands.

Anonymous said...


I do not think there is any question here. Your first thought when looking at the caption was right!

Reverent Mass. If thrifty, cheerful, loyal are also in the scout's creed, why weren't they used instead of reverent mass. Why not "reverent scouts at mass?" I'm sorry, but editors aren't careless, everything is planned, and gone over several times. It is naive to think there was innocence behind the caption!

Cmziall - I am still chuckling at the "I love to read your posts – especially the short ones!" (You wouldn't want the complements to go to his head!)

thetimman said...

Thanks, everybody-- when I reread this post, it seemed to sound more morose than I intended. I just didn't want to offend any scouts.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads this blog, knows what this blog is about! You are correct in this case as well. Your first thought was the same as mine. Don't give up. This kind of stuff has to stop.

I know there are people within the Chruch even staff at the Review who don't like the idea of a Reform of the Reform, let alone the Extraordinary Form.

I pray for you and this blog everyday. Stay faithful the Chruch and the Archbishop thetimman.

The Review should run a correction on this.....

thetimman said...

Anon, thank you. I am quite humbled that anyone would take the time to pray for me or the blog. I enjoy doing the blog, and hope it does some good.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

As the reporter who wrote that cutline, I wanted you to know there was no intentional dig against either form of the Mass. "REVERENT MASS" was in part a reference to Scout Law, but part of it also came from a conversation I had with Father Faust, who celebrated that Mass. As the boys were finishing their activities for the day and coming to the common area for Mass, he noticed how their demeanor changed to a quiet reverence. It was difficult for Father to put into words how beautiful that scene was, but nevertheless, he was very moved. I'm sorry if the cutline caused any confusion. As an earlier poster suggested, perhaps a better cutline would have been "Scouts reverent in Mass and in everyday life." I enjoy reading your blog! Jennifer Brinker

Anonymous said...

I occasionally read this blog, and I understand and respect 'thetimman's' dedication to orthodoxy, although I don't agree with all of his positions.

I am curious about those who regularly attend the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass at St. Francis DeSales Oratory. Do all communicants there receive on the tongue? Do some receive in the hand? Is it even "permitted" to receive in the hand at St. Francis?

I ask these questions out of true curiosity...nothing more.


Curious Catholic

Anonymous said...


I attend the Latin Mass at St. Francis De Sales Oratory, and yes, I am happy to say that ALL communicants receive on the tongue!

We all kneel very reverently at the lovely alter rail, and the priest says to each person in Latin as he holds our Lord's body up before us, "May the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ preserve your soul unto life everlasting. Amen."

We humbly accept His body on our tongue, while the alter boy holds a gold paten under our chin to make sure not a speck of Him falls.

Would you want to be the one to see that beauty and hold your hand out?

thetimman said...

People receive on the tongue, and kneel unless prevented by physical condition. There is a helpful explanation in each week's Mass program.