23 May 2008

Review Editorial on Ordination Class

From the full editorial:

This class of nine men — Fathers Matthew Barnard, Patrick Driscoll, Brian Hecktor, Michael Houser, Eric Kunz, Edward Nemeth, Kevin Schroeder, James Theby and Noah Waldman — represents different ages and experiences before and during seminary formation. It includes men whose vocations were born and bred in the archdiocese as well as others who have journeyed here to serve. Despite their differences what binds these men together is their love of Christ and His Church, a love so consuming that their only desire is to be of service to Christ and the people of God.

What these men also have in common is that their choice of priesthood is heroic precisely because they themselves are ordinary. They are not endowed with gifts or graces unavailable to other young men. While chosen by God and set apart for service, what they truly represent is the answer to prayer. God has heard the prayers of His people and has responded by giving the Church in St. Louis these nine men, prepared and desiring to do God’s will. Consequently, all of the faithful in the archdiocese need to continue to pray for vocations — not out of crisis but in faith and confidence. God has answered us and will continue to hear us providing priests to care for His people.


Finally, this great day is an opportunity to pray for all priests. What clearly emerges from deep reflection upon these events is that new vocations are fostered by joy-filled priests giving good example and strong encouragement to other men to follow them in following after Christ. This fostering of vocations will continue to bear fruit in part through the prayers of the faithful that their priests will be holy and faithful men.

So, let us all give thanks to God for His blessings on our archdiocese. And pray that the Master of the harvest will send more laborers into the fields.

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